Media solidarity crucial in light of recent political climate

In the age of President Donald Trump’s media-denouncing administration, it is particularly important that media outlets commit to reporting accurate news and to supporting the right of free press.

On Friday Feb. 24, Trump barred news outlets such as CNN, the New York Times, Politico and the Los Angeles Times from attending an informal, non-televised White House briefing. 

More conservative outlets—such as Fox and Breitbart News—and more moderate outlets—such as CBS, the Wall Street Journal and Time—however, were welcomed without incident. 

By picking and choosing which media outlets to exclude—including outlets that were publicly critical of Trump—our current political climate shows how the relationship between media and politics can be divisive and petty.

With this in mind, it is crucial that we the media continue to uphold standards that emphasize a practice of ethical, unbiased journalism. 

Social media has, in recent years, become a crucial tool for the marketing and branding of all kinds of businesses. It isn’t uncommon for media outlets to get caught up in negative publicity or social media attention, because national and local media are essential and have an influence on Americans’ lives. 

Recently, local media outlets were distracted by social media arguments that contributed unnecessary drama and distractions to the real task at hand: providing citizens with important, genuine content. 

The function of media outlets as watchdogs of our society and government is more important than comparing one’s reputation or financial success to another’s, for example.

From national media like the New York Times to local outlets such as the Genesee Sun and Livingston County News, it is the responsibility of the press to serve their respective communities with factual, dignified reporting. 

Competition within media outlets is inevitable, but at a time when journalists are under fire, it is encouraged that the media maintain solidarity to report the truth.