Dynamic twin duo of Bar-Eat-O share special bond

As mirror image twins, Nick and Nate Wisnowski have been together for the majority of their lives. After being separated for a brief amount of time, the twins reunited by working together at local restaurant and bar Bar-Eat-O. (Courtesy of Nick Wisnowski)

The relationship between twins is one that can be difficult to describe. Yet, the duo from Bank Street’s Bar-Eat-O Nate Wisnowski and Nick Wisnowski did their best to explain this relationship. 

“We’re mirror-image twins,” Nick Wisnowski said. “We’re reversed, so we have different dominant hands and our hair grows in opposite directions. When our egg split, one of us flipped. We’re a one-in-a-million duo.”

Just as they were together in the womb, they have been inseparable in life. The twins share everything, including school, style, work and personality. They even auditioned for a movie in their pre-teen years.

“We had just done a bit for a mattress commercial and the casting director told us about a movie audition for this story of twins,” Nick Wisnowski said. “So, with our parents’ approval, we went up to Toronto to audition for the part. We actually were the director’s second pick, which was a really incredible piece of news for us.”

As the years passed on, the brothers continued to foster their one-of-a-kind relationship.

“We actually both went into the Air Force,” Nate Wisnowski said. “We decided that it was something that suited us, so we went for it. Nick ended up making it, but my wrist’s arthritis kept me from being able to meet the physical standards. But we still kept in touch all while Nick was at the academy and during his enlistment.”

The twins reunited after Nick Wisnowski completed his four years of service in the Air Force and they soon began working in and around Buffalo.

“We DJ’d for Kiss 90.5 Buffalo for a few years,” Nate Wisnowski said. “Eventually we broke off from that and formed our own DJing company. For about six or seven years, we DJed for clubs and events all around Buffalo.”

After the DJing company ran its course, the brothers went separate ways for a brief period. Nick Wisnowski began managing for the First Niagara Sabers Center and Nate Wisnowski began to work as an EMT. They still maintained consistent contact and eventually came back to work together at Bar-Eat-O.

“Nick had been managing here at the restaurant for a couple of months, and I had decided that I would go back to school,” Nate Wisnowski said. “My bar managing job could not accommodate my school schedule, and Bar-Eat-O could. So Nick offered me a job behind the bar and I took it.”

The brothers still, however, have their differences.

“Nick is certainly more outgoing than I am,” Nate Wisnowski said. “But I make up for it by going to the gym. And while we may argue like an old married couple, we really do love each other, and I don’t know what I would be without him by my side.”

The brothers remain close companions to this day and still do everything together.

“If I’m ever doing anything—be it having dinner, going on vacation or just hanging out at home—Nate is my first call,” Nick Wisnowski said. “He is a part of me.”

“Everlasting” is how Nate Wisnowski sums up their relationship, and that is exactly how they appear: a dynamic duo who will always support one another, each one a part of the other.