Tips for maintaining your relationship during winter break

Winter break is coming up, which means finally getting to relax for a month. For couples, however, it also requires spending a significant amount of time away from each other, a hurdle that—though all college relationships must cross it—is nevertheless stressful. 

While it may seem impossible now, winter break does not have to mean the end of your relationship. In fact, the time apart can be a way to make your partnership stronger through trust and communication. 

The most important part of any healthy relationship is communication—this is especially true in times when the two individuals are physically far apart. With the technology available to maintain communication, one would think this would be easy. It can be surprisingly challenging, however, especially when one or both people in the relationship are busy with family or jobs. 

One solution is to set up specific times to talk to each other, whether by text, phone calls or Skype. Designating a time to talk to your significant other means that the two of you will be focused on each other—not whatever distractions winter break has to offer.

In terms of trust, it can be a trial to transition from seeing your partner every day and always knowing where they are, to not seeing them at all and never knowing where they are. It is important to remember that a relationship requires trust—if you cannot trust your partner to be faithful for four weeks away from you, then the relationship might not be worth the investment.

You should also keep in mind that your partner chose you—not anyone else. Although it can be trying, there is no reason not to expect fidelity from them. In fact, winter break can be an important exercise in trusting your partner. 

Another thing to consider is visiting your significant other over break. If you have not had the chance to meet their family, this could be an appropriate time to do so. A person can be very different when they are in school and stressed, as opposed to at home with their family. A trip, therefore, is an effective way to get to know your partner better. 

Sex is another obstacle that should be taken into consideration. Navigating your roommates and busy schedules is hard during the school year, but not having access to your partner at all is even worse. In order to overcome this, discuss ways both of you can get sexual energy out, whether it is sending pictures to each other, masturbation or other mutually agreeable ways. 

One of the most crucial elements in maintaining your relationship over break is creating ground rules. Is your partner allowed to take screenshots or save explicit pictures? How will you two ensure privacy? Communicating and establishing guidelines is key.

Overall, remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and four weeks is not that long. Your relationship will survive the distance as long as you foster open communication and trust.u