Volleyball works toward future triumphs

Despite a strong season, the Geneseo volleyball team tumbled to SUNY Fredonia in the semifinals of the SUNYAC Tournament. 

Prior to the loss on Friday Nov. 3, the Knights beat SUNY Cortland in the SUNYAC quarterfinals on Oct. 31. 

“We were expecting this to be a big game for us,” head coach Hunter Drews said. 

Known for their athleticism, Cortland’s volleyball team also has a first-year head coach—an important similarity between both teams throughout the season. 

“They are a good team, but everything for us was coming together at the right time,” Drews said. 

During the regular season, Geneseo beat Cortland in four sets. This time, the Knights were able to defeat the big blocks put up by Cortland, winning 3-0. 

Throughout the fall, the team has made significant progress. Individual players have improved and the team has become better as a whole. Part of this stems from the team’s own consciousness and intelligence about their game. 

This season has been all about changing the story. Many times, opponents scored multiple consecutive points, but starting this fall, players are now responsible for calling timeouts. As a team, they are able to take a timeout and remember what they need to do. 

“They really run the show there and they figure out what needs to happen for them to be successful,” Drews said. 

The win over Cortland led the team to the semifinals with a lot of confidence. They traveled to Fredonia in great shape, yet were unable to defeat the Blue Devils. The Knights faced similar struggles when they lost to Fredonia earlier in the season. 

“Obviously it didn’t go as well as we had hoped,” Drews said, “But Fredonia is a good team. They have some big hitters and a dominant serve and pass game.” 

Geneseo prepared for the matchup but was unable to take home a win. They played hard and according to Drews, “left it all out there on the court.” The Knights did not go down without a fight.

Drews and the rest of the team look forward to next season, where they hope to continue to play well and make it to the SUNYAC finals. Since this team consists of many underclassmen, these players will have the opportunity to play at least one more season in a Geneseo uniform. 

The motivation to win next year is already present for these Knights.

The volleyball program will probably bring in two to three new first year players next season. Adding some fresh faces will help ensure the program continues to be thrive. These players will be able to infuse new talent with the skills the team already exhibits. 

The team is already experimenting with new positions, so there are plans in place to learn from this season. 

“Although we didn’t get exactly where we wanted to this season, we’re in the best place you can be for next season,” Drews said. “As a team, having some more time together will help us a lot.”