Sex resorts provide adults with extreme spring break experiences

Christmas might be just around the corner, but it’s never too early to plan for spring break. College students have to make every vacation count while they are still young and free. Adults, however, can still experience the fun of spring break—with possibly even more sex and exhilarating times. Enter sex resorts: the new vacation getaway for frisky adults. 

Temptation—an adult sex resort for couples or singles in Cancun—has established a reputation as a “spring break” type of destination with arguably more sex and nudity. Public sex is officially banned at the resort. Marie Claire blogger Laura Beck, who discussed her experience at Temptation in “I Went to a Sex Resort and It Was Basically Spring Break for Millennials,” reported, however, that people regularly break the rules. 

Some visitors sought new sex partners and the thrilling experience of sleeping with people besides their significant other. Though Temptation has earned a reputation as a getaway for swingers, regular attendees do not appreciate that label, according to Beck. 

Other people go to experience the sexual atmosphere and talk to other sexually advanced people about their fantasies. Notwithstanding their reasons for being there, most everyone walks around Temptation nude or partially nude. 

“I assumed it would be at least mildly terrifying to take off my top, but by the last day, I was rubbing coconut oil on my tatas while the couple next to me dry humped,” Beck wrote. “I’m not worried about looking hot or whatever, because people of all ages, shapes and sizes are just letting it all hang out.” 

The main hangout spot at the resort was the Sexy Pool—where people seemed to get into all kinds of trouble. Games, nudity and sexual innuendos are some of the “fun” that Beck observed in the Sexy Pool. 

The Sexy Pool was home to many sexually explicit games with a “spring break” vibe. One of the games entailed women making moaning sounds to imitate an orgasm. The audience would then cheer for whichever orgasm sounds they enjoyed the most. Another game encouraged women to go into the pool and steal as many swim trunks off of men as they could, according to Beck.

 “I saw a lot of erect penises floating in the Sexy Pool that day,” Beck said.  

With the fierce sexual atmosphere, Temptation vehemently emphasizes that all people should be respected. The resort has a strict “no means no” policy. Women can walk around naked, partake in moaning games and give the occasional blow job in the Sexy Pool. If women say no to sex, however, the men must respect them. And vice versa. Temptation also has a set of “Playground Rules,” a base set of guidelines by which all guests must abide.  

“Yes, Temptation is kinda ridiculous, but life is ridiculous,” Beck wrote. “Sometimes you just have to say, ‘fuck it, take my top, pass me a blow job shot, and I’ll meet you at the sexy pool for the Orgasm Olympics.’”