Recording orgasms in diary optimizes sexual experiences

Students seeking a break from end-of-semester stress might turn to their relationships for relief. In this busy time, however, some may need help enhancing their intimate encounters. 

In an article written for Glamour, Sophie Saint Thomas described how many women struggle to climax multiple times during sexual encounters. Through consulting experts and personal experiments, Saint Thomas embarked on her month-long quest to discover what environment and circumstances would make her multi-orgasmic. To collect data, Sain Thomas recorded the conditions under which she climaxed in an orgasm diary.

“[Multiple orgasms] is the ability to have more than one orgasm without losing your arousal completely in between,” author of Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters—And How To Get It Laurie Mintz said.  

For the first week of her experiment, Saint Thomas used vibrators and pornography to induce an orgasm. After having the first orgasm, instead of stopping what she was doing, she continued to maintain the “vibrating pressure” on her clitoris. This enabled a second orgasm, which was exactly what she wanted to accomplish.

Throughout the second week, Saint Thomas maintained a relaxed mindset while continuing to use a vibrator. Instead of using pornography, however, she fantasized about sex with someone she cared about. While doing this, she simultaneously used a Bliss Breathing technique.  

Tantric sex and relationship expert Tatiana Dellepiane describes how to accomplish this technique. 

“You want to inhale, constricting the back of your throat [to create] a whispering sound, then exhale and release that sound again,” Dellepiane said in an interview with Glamour. 

This breathing technique, along with the vibrator, gave Saint Thomas multiple orgasms. 

During week three, Saint Thomas did not use a vibrator, but instead used weed lubricant. She also applied a Foria Pleasure Spray and masturbated throughout this week, but was unable to orgasm by these means. Saint Thomas blamed exhaustion for her lack of sex drive.

The last week involved the use of exercise and horror movies in order to increase blood flow, which would in turn promote orgasms. Initially, Saint Thomas watched The Shining while attempting to orgasm, but found this to be unsuccessful.  She then ran for half an hour and attempted to masturbate again. This allowed her to achieve multiple orgasms. 

At the end of her month-long journey, Saint Thomas found herself able to orgasm multiple times in a row. She discovered that by consciously trying to become multi-orgasmic, she could succeed. She ultimately concluded, however, that although she was able to climax multiple times, orgasms should not be the main focus in every sexual encounter.  

Anyone looking to learn from Saint Thomas’ experience need not embark on an experiment of their own. Instead, women might look to her most successful trials for inspiration.

Beyond tallying orgasms, however, people should prioritize the quality of their relationships as well, according to Saint Thomas.

“Sure, multiple orgasms are amazing, but the ending isn’t the only thing worth pursuing—even people with anorgasmia, or the inability to have an orgasm, can still have totally fulfilling sex lives,” Saint Thomas said.