Current political climate hostile, justifies individual disengagement

Considering the United States’ current circumstances of distress, it is not surprising that many citizens obsess over the latest political moves and scandals. Politics has become the main topic of discussion for our nation, taking priority in the media and encouraging Americans to get involved and choose a side.

As a result, individuals who don’t pay attention to politics are often unfairly ridiculed. This pattern of shaming individuals who are not educated or involved in politics only further encourages them to continue this behavior. If political discussions are welcoming and considered a learning experience, more individuals will be willing to participate. 

People with similar political ideologies often gather to discuss their slanted perspectives on issues, neglecting to consider other stances, according to The Spectator. Even though more Americans are speaking out regarding politics, no major changes are being made. This is largely because the political discussions are not entirely objective and balanced

The practice of partisan hatred is sweeping the nation, in personal conversations as well as in the media. The divided political system in our nation stimulates ignorance among some, allowing misinformed individuals to dominate political platforms. Americans who routinely check the news are more inclined to rely on outlets that align with their ideologies, according to an opinion piece published in The Washington Post. These people act as political fans, following partisan stories and absorbing information pertaining to a specific party. Meanwhile, skeptics struggle to determine which news outlets are truly objective. It can be tiring and hopeless to follow national and global news when the news may not even be accurately portrayed, which is why some individuals choose not to be informed at all.

Individuals who lack knowledge on the latest political matters are often seen as privileged, incompetent and arrogant, but their critics are just as at fault by overlooking the fruitless endeavors of their politically ignorant counterparts. It is imperative that these individuals are held accountable for refusing to acknowledge other opinions while individuals who stay out of politics must stop being belittled.

It seems that many Americans are more concerned with choosing a political side than advancing the nation toward cohesive and rational solutions. Nonpartisan individuals may choose not to become involved in the competitive discussion about politics because they view it as an unproductive cause. For them, the only plausible outcome from getting involved in American politics is creating greater divisions in society.

Today, when political culture is dominated by individual political conversations as well as the national media, many citizens feel uncomfortable talking about political issues. This also hinders them from learning more about the issue through discussion. The tense atmosphere surrounding politics creates a harsh barrier between those who consider themselves knowledgeable and individuals who are discouraged to discuss the basis of their knowledge because they fear their thoughts will be ridiculed.

Choosing to not be political is a political move within itself. It makes a statement that our nation today is not inspiring individuals to learn. Now more than ever, the U.S. must hold a united front. Our nation needs to stop demeaning individuals who are not heavily involved in politics and consider why they have made that decision.