Lamron staff debate: “To peg or not to peg?”

In the Nov. 13, 2014 issue of The Lamron, the editorial board debated anal sex. Over two years later, we gather again to discuss the same topic—in a much different perspective. “Pegging” is a term to describe a female anally penetrating a male with a strap-on dildo. Made famous by a “Broad City” episode, pegging is highly intriguing due to the homosexual connotations of the act. While still not a household term, it signals a shift away from the classic gendered dominant-submissive structure of sex.

As a sexually adventurous endeavor, both parties involved can find pegging enjoyable. Males enjoy the sexual aspect of anal stimulation, while females enjoy the psychological aspect of “being on top,” in a different setting. There is nothing more dominant about sex than being the actual penetrator—something that females rarely get to experience.

Members of The Lamron staff all seemed hesitant of the idea at first. The group universally agreed that it is acceptable to be into pegging, but whether one would be willing to try it was another matter. The topic was divisive, yet it opened up a dialogue on the different comfort settings of each individual.

“Personally, pegging isn’t something I would be comfortable with,” managing editor Nicole Sheldon said. “But, to each their own.”

For males, many would not be all that willing to try for more socially conscious reasons—being penetrated can damage one’s masculinity or can even imply that one is gay.

“I feel like opposition to pegging partly comes from homophobia,” associate news editor Malachy Dempsey said. “I think it’s perfectly fine.”

Females can also feel uneasy about the idea as well, for both similar and different reasons than males.

“I think it’s a positive that women can have a new way of being dominant rather than the stereotypical submissive,” public relations manager Kimberly Ward said. “However, I do think that it’s a negative that most women probably won’t be as sexually satisfied through pegging.”

At this age, sexual experimentation is important in learning what you are and are not into. For some, pegging was just another thing to experiment with.

“I think you should try everything once,” public relations manager Caitlin Hamberger said. “I didn’t know that I was allergic to peanut butter until it almost killed me.”

Editor-in-chief Emma Bixler concurred with Hamberger’s position.

“I think sexual exploration is a good thing, and I wouldn’t be opposed if a guy asked me to do that to him,” she said. “If they are completely showered, I’m all for it.”

Design and layout editor Matt Heaton agreed with both Hamberger and Bixler. He, too, encouraged the idea of experimentation and had an open-minded stance on pegging.

“I would try literally anything, once,” Heaton said. “Or twice,” he added, “If I liked it.”

I believe anal, and therefore pegging, is something both women and men should be able to openly talk about and ask for if it is something that piques their interest. Anal stimulation is not exclusively enjoyable to only females and homosexual males.

For this exact reason, if a guy asks me to do anal, I will agree only if he allows me to peg him.