Knight of the Week: Giovanna Fasanello

The Geneseo field hockey team has had an eventful 2016 season. After coming back from what appeared to be a record from which they couldn’t recover, the women played as hard as they could and eventually earned the 2016 SUNYAC title. While each player contributed to this success, there is one player in particular who stands out amongst the rest: junior midfielder Giovanna Fasanello. A psychology major and legal studies minor, Fasanello scored all three goals to take the SUNYAC title—but she has also helped in other areas in order to push the Knights to greatness.

The junior forward line started field hockey at Geneseo during her second semester as a freshman, when she transferred from Central Michigan University. But really, her career started back in seventh grade. The young Fasanello wanted to play soccer originally, but was convinced by her older sister—a field hockey goalie—to try out field hockey.

Fasanello is from Clarence, New York, which is just outside Buffalo. There, she played for United States of America Field Hockey’s Futures with the hopes of one day making it to the Olympics.

Fasanello decided on Geneseo when a mutual friend who went here introduced her to it. Fasanello thought Geneseo was beautiful—and the rest is history.

Her current goals include being named an All-American and coming in first with number of goals made in a season at Geneseo. Additionally, after graduating, Fasanello intends on pursuing something in the legal end of her degree. “I wanted to be a state trooper or apply for something with the FBI … it’s always been something that interests me,” Fasanello said.

But all that is a ways away. For now, Fasanello is focusing on her studies and field hockey—and she loves every minute of it.

Her team makes an impact on her on a daily basis, as they “work really well together—” and they better if they expect more victories, according to Fasanello.

“We are a unit; we depend on each other to do better and work harder, we are a system … a giant support group of people you look forward to seeing every day,” Fasanello said.

Like all athletes who are serious about doing well in their sport and in academics, Fasanello finds it hard to juggle both.

“This semester was the most difficult balancing school and practice,” she said.

With the harder workload, Fasanello has found herself doing homework on the bus, going to TA’s office hours and meeting with other people in her class for help.

When she isn’t practicing, winning SUNYACs or studying, however, Fasanello prefers to spend her time with her friends outdoors. Being outside is one of her favorite activities, and places like Letchworth State Park allow for hiking and all other outdoorsy adventures that Fasanello enjoys.

The championship win in the SUNYACs was Fasanello’s favorite memory. She said it was “probably the best feeling,” as they won with three goals in overtime. That’s a win that doesn’t happen every day, and it’s a win that will be a highlight in Geneseo field hockey forever.