Student dedicates time to volunteer work

Marie Henning’s short time on campus has not stopped her from making a big impact on the organizations she has joined here in Geneseo. As an economics major sophomore, her involvements vary from the ice hockey team to her sorority Delta Phi Epsilon to mission work outside of the Geneseo campus around the country. During Henning’s freshman year, she dove into a variety of activities on campus, starting with the national business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and the women’s ice hockey club.

“[Alpha Kappa Psi] gives me a social aspect, but also a professional aspect,” Henning said. “I’ve learned so much from that organization.”

Since Henning wanted to involve herself on campus and to meet different kinds of people, she joined the social sorority Delta Phi Epsilon to fulfill both objectives. Henning chose DPhiE because a friend from her hometown told her about it before coming to Geneseo.

“I clicked really well with the girls in Delta Phi Epsilon,” Henning said. “I knew it was the place for me.”

Although her first semester at Geneseo was rough due to the transition from high school to college, Henning eventually found her place through this plethora of activities. In addition to joining the ice hockey team and two different Greek organizations, Henning worked on the hall council in Onondaga Hall as the community service director.

Henning has always had an interest and a passion for community service. She became the community service coordinator for DPhiE, which even furthered her awareness. Henning has helped to coordinate many events, from the 5K in Geneseo to the Autumn Wingfest to even the basketball tournament with Sigma Nu Chi, a local fraternity on campus. The proceeds of the basketball game went to Toys for Tots.

“I’ve been able to make so many friends not just through Delta Phi Epsilon, but also through other Greek organizations,” Henning said.

Henning’s interest in community service goes beyond the Geneseo campus—she has been involved in mission work since her senior year of high school.

“For the past few years, I’ve done work in Arlington, Kentucky, which is one of the poorest counties in the United States,” Henning said. “This summer, I replaced a whole roof for a girl ... It was an amazing experience.”

While Henning has been doing mission work for a while, this winter she will be traveling outside the country for the first time. For two weeks, Henning will be helping the people and the country of Haiti with a national Catholic organization.

“Haiti just really stood out to me … especially after the earthquake,” Henning said. “Haiti’s in a state where they need a lot of help.”

Her involvement in community service and her choice of major have helped Henning to pinpoint her future aspirations. Volunteering, helping people and bettering their lives through community service have inspired Henning to continue in this path.

Henning is currently interested in obtaining a master’s degree in economics or business, so she can use her further knowledge to help people even more. Eventually, Henning wants to pursue a life of service.

“It’s what I want to do after graduation,” Henning said. “I want to join the Peace Corps, just do volunteer work for the rest of my life.”

Through Henning’s impressive involvement on campus and her commitment to community service, her presence on campus and in the world has helped others tremendously.

“I want to travel or live in third world countries to try to fix their economic systems because it’s something I’m so passionate about,” Henning said.