Clinton, Trump both unworthy candidates for endorsement

The Geneseo College Republicans refuse to endorse a candidate in this year’s presidential election. The current election is the most polarizing in modern American history. Both candidates are deeply unpopular among the American electorate and have significant moral and political shortcomings. Our organization cannot in good faith endorse either candidate because both candidates maintain beliefs fundamentally incompatible with the values of the Republican Party.

First, it would seem appropriate to address our refusal to endorse our party’s nominee, Donald Trump. It is our view that Trump is quite simply not a Republican. Throughout much of his professional life, Trump has espoused liberal views—he was even an active supporter of former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008.

Trump has waffled his positions on a multitude of issues, so much so that determining what he advocates for on just about anything is nearly impossible. His current proposals to deport 11 million people, target family members of suspected terrorists and renegotiate the United States government’s commitment to pay back its foreign debt reflect not only a glaring lack of policy knowledge, but also a complete unawareness of the law, American values and basic international economics.

Perhaps what is most troubling about Trump is his vicious anti-intellectualism and despicable campaign style. Trump has not engaged in any serious or substantive discussion of any kind since he commenced his campaign. His campaign is based on stereotypes, mudslinging and a bullying response to all of his competitors that is befitting of a second-grader.

Trump has mocked disabled people, consistently demeaned women, attacked a Gold Star family because of their religious faith and launched racial attacks against an American judge. The recent revelations of his bragging about sexual assault—and his response—are particularly disturbing. He has no interest in serving this country or its people, and for this reason we do not endorse his candidacy.

Unfortunately, Clinton is not an adequate alternative to Trump. Beyond her completely insufficient—and extremely inconsistent—policy stances, her lack of ethics is shameful.

Clinton has been running for president for decades, and a cloud of corruption and immorality has followed her. The Whitewater controversy, her legal defense of a child rapist, seeming lack of concern over the Benghazi incident, flagrant disregard of confidentiality at the highest level with her emails and pay-to-play allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation highlight just a few of her ethical concerns.

We believe Clinton is a warmonger, a liar and nothing more than a pawn of the elite class that has funded her since the very beginning. As much as we love Frank Underwood in “House of Cards,” the American people do not need that type of ruthlessness in the Oval Office.

Disdain for either candidate—no matter how strong—is no reason to vote for the other. The American people should be ashamed and embarrassed of Trump and Clinton, who together make for the least popular American presidential nominees ever.