Local spice seller dedicated to Geneseo community

Loren Scott is a local spice seller at farmer’s markets, a garlic farmer, former mechanical engineer and a devoted member of the Geneseo community. Loren Scott and his wife, Sue Scott, are heavily involved in Geneseo and other towns not only through the yearly Santa Claus event, but also through ensuring affordable spice products to the college students with whom he has a great connection.

From a young age, Loren Scott has worked incredibly hard. His early financial situation motivated him to be this way throughout his entire life. One of eight kids, Loren Scott was initially going to join a seminary until his father passed away. When he turned 16, he began working odd jobs at drugstores to support his family.

“I started life poor,” Loren Scott said. “I didn’t want to be that way anymore.”

While work plays a central role in Loren Scott’s life, his wife is arguably the most important thing. When Loren Scott first met his wife in church, he immediately thought “she was a knockout” and it was love at first sight.

“My wife is my number one. She is the reason I do all this stuff,” Loren Scott said. “She’s still my best friend.”

In addition to meeting the love of his life, Loren Scott began working in Rochester for Sue Scott’s father in metal work.

“Soon, I became very good friends with Sue,” Loren Scott said. “We spilled everything to each other. Then I kept proposing to her. She said, ‘Why can’t we just be friends? Why ruin a good friendship?’ So it took me a little while, but I finally convinced her. I was 24 and she was 20 when we got married.”

Loren and Sue Scott are now celebrating their 51st anniversary. They have one daughter named Bonnie.

Meanwhile, Loren Scott decided to attend Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. He did this while also working a full time job in the Quality Assurance department with Xerox. Although Loren Scott did not attend high school, he was able to earn his degree in engineering at age 28.

He then quit Quality Assurance in 1969 after 10 years and started his own service station, which had always been a dream of his. Until the energy crunch, Loren Scott maintained his business. Ultimately, however, he gave the business to his employees. He returned to Genesee Metal Stampings—his father-in-law’s business—for 10 years before deciding to retire in 1979.

Despite his retirement, Loren Scott stays actively involved in the community by maintaining a firewood business, working as a garlic farmer, participating in three farmer’s markets and the Exit Nine flea market. With a variety of talents and past careers, Loren Scott has experience with metal farming, mechanical engineering, sales service and more.

“The reason I’m doing [the market] is so [students] can graduate, get a good job and keep my social security going,” Loren Scott joked.

Loren Scott and his family have lived in Geneseo since 1969—just under 50 years—and have watched the town grow. Because of his and Sue Scott’s love for the town and the children, they volunteer their time as Mr. and Mrs. Claus once a year, always with heartwarming results.

“I’ve learned a lot of things while being Santa Claus,” Loren Scott said. “Don’t take kids for granted, and you can never assume anything about a family.”

Loren Scott’s dedication to the town of Geneseo and his many different career paths all stem from his hardworking character. His deep appreciation for life and his passion for helping people have molded him into a loving and kind human. Through his experiences, losses and triumphs, Loren Scott remains positive and open toward people.

“I just love life,” Loren Scott said. “I guess that’s me.”