Clinton’s political past, actions deem her unfit for presidency

The current presidential election cycle so far has largely focused on the indiscretions of Republican candidate Donald Trump. This is understandable, since Trump is a sexist, racist and alarmingly unintelligent man. Former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has major flaws as well. The media, however, have hidden Clinton’s transgressions from our view with a never-ending stream of Trump criticism.

Two weeks before the election, I would like to make the case for why voters should not vote for Clinton.

Clinton has been involved in so many different scandals that it is difficult to know where to begin. Most voters are familiar with her use of a private email server, which she most likely knew violated various national security guidelines.

The Clinton Foundation is also a popular topic of discussion, as Clinton promised to step back from the foundation in order to keep it separate from her being Secretary of State, according to The Washington Post—but she did not.

As Secretary of State, Clinton accepted foreign donations from both Russian nuclear corporations and Saudi Arabia. Shortly after Clinton approved a business deal involving a transfer of Uranium from a United States corporation to a Russian Uranium corporation, the Clinton Foundation began receiving donations from the very same Russian corporation, according to The New York Times.

This is clear, documented evidence that Clinton staffers set up a pay-to-play list prioritizing donor nations and corporations over others in official State Department business. The only reason why Clinton isn’t in prison right now is because she’s a part of the Clinton family and is above the law.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia has donated between $10-25 million to the Clinton Foundation since its inception. This is a conflict of interest, as the Secretary of State should not accept million-dollar donations from a known illiberal state.

Many LGBTQ+ rights advocates support Clinton because she supposedly supports LGBTQ+ issues. The Clintons, however, took millions of dollars from both Qatar and Saudi Arabia. For example, representatives from Qatar offered President Bill Clinton a $1 million check for his birthday, according to The New York Times. Saudi Arabia, however, is a nation that punishes the “crime” of homosexuality with death.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia also rejects basic human rights for women. Women in Saudi Arabia do not have the right to get an abortion, speak their minds or even go outside without a male escort.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders—the former popular choice among young voters—was known for taking a hard stance against Wall Street corruption. Sanders was adored for his honesty and common sense on these issues.

Clinton, on the other hand, has been paid millions for giving speeches to investment banks and law firms. It’s perplexing how supporters of Sanders could vote for a candidate that has received the backing of some Wall Street bankers.

Clinton is in the pocket of Wall Street investors because they help fund her campaign. Political Action Committees and individuals from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have made donations nearing $1 million to Clinton campaigns. Again, Clinton has one position on Wall Street that is public and one that she hides from the American people at all costs.

It is a dangerous precedent to elect Clinton as president. Her agenda is buried deep in the thousands of emails that her staff deleted while under a congressional subpoena.

Before you vote, think: does Clinton really have your back on the issues you hold dear? Geneseo, do America a favor: vote your conscience and don’t vote Clinton.