PhiDE hosts Anatomy Fashion Show, fundraises for children’s hospital

Phi Delta Epsilon medical fraternity hosted their second annual Anatomy Fashion Show on Saturday Oct. 15. The Halloween-themed event featured six competing teams from various campus organizations sporting body paint representative of different aspects of the human anatomy and physiology. The event’s proceeds will go toward the Children’s Miracle Network through the Galisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester, which helps fund medical research among many other things, according to the fraternity.

PhiDE vice president biology major senior Mckenzie Prunier explained that the idea for the fashion show originated from other chapters of the fraternity around the country.

“Different chapters of the fraternity do the Anatomy Fashion Show to fundraise, so we also started doing it last year,” Prunier said. “It’s a great way to fundraise while also having fun.”

PhiDE president biochemistry major senior Thomas Bieganowski echoed Prunier’s comments on the show.

“Last year we ended up doing the show for the first time here,” Bieganowski said. “We got artists together and it worked out so well that we decided to do it again.”

The six competing teams included the Royal Lady Knights sorority—which opened the show by modeling the digestive system—while Alpha Sigma Tau sorority showcased the skeletal system, Sigma Delta Tau sorority modeled the cardiovascular system, Delta Phi Epsilon sorority displayed the reproductive system, the Cheer team represented the muscular system and Kappa Sigma fraternity—who closed the show—modeled the respiratory system.

Toward the end of the event, those in attendance were asked to cast secret votes for their favorite team. Kappa Sigma won first place, while second place was awarded to DPhiE. The night also featured a vibrant dance routine from Geneseo Bhangra and a performance by No Laugh Track Required.

All competing teams consisted of volunteers that PhiDE reached out to, according to Bieganowski, He expressed gratitude for their willingness to collaborate and help raise money for the event.

“They basically gave up their Saturday afternoon to be here, and I’m so thankful,” Bieganowski said. “There were also artists who helped do the body paints for the event; I’m just thankful to everyone who helped make this happen.”

Bieganowski said that the fraternity raised over $1,000 at last year’s event and were hoping to achieve a similar result this year.

“We have a minimum amount of $1,000 that we have to raise as a fraternity in order to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network,” Bieganowski said.

The event’s success in previous years helped PhiDE follow up with another exciting, philanthropic fashion show to encapsulate the importance of anatomy, all for a good cause.