Knight of the Week: Sam Flood

Sailing in from Bay Shore Long Island, Sam Flood has made a splash in the Geneseo track community. The junior communication major runs cross country and track, and it comes as no surprise that her athletic determination started way before her life in college. Flood ran track in high school, while her three older brothers played varsity lacrosse. Family is a very important aspect in her life and keeps her ties to home a little tighter.

Along with track, Flood has played tennis, golf, lacrosse, softball, soccer, field hockey and she has swam. When she’s not here in Geneseo impressing peers and teams alike, however, Flood likes to spend time on the beach soaking in the ever-too-fleeting summer rays.  Flood has also competitively sailed for the past 15 years.

Coming to Geneseo, Flood found exactly what she was looking for. “It’s not too small … and it’s so beautiful,” she said.

Along with the obvious curb appeal this little college on a hill has, Geneseo also has Division III athletics and cross country is very highly ranked, with a current standing of first in the nation.

Currently, the junior athlete is enjoying the experience of college while also shaping her plans for after graduation. After all, a communication degree from here opens so many doors that it can be hard to pick just one future.

Flood’s accolades don’t just stop in her personal life and academics—they show in her sport, as well. Flood placed seventh at the SUNYAC Outdoor Championship in track 10,000m with a time of 38:08 and was ranked 21st out of 288 in the Mike Woods Geneseo Invitational with a time of 23:10.6.

“The competition is not only against other runners, but beating my own individual achievements,” Floor said. “There’s always room to improve.”

Like so many athletes, her sport isn’t just about the thrill of the competition—it’s also about her own personal relationship with it. Running isn’t about just putting one foot in front of the other for Flood; it is a de-stressor, a coping method and a constant. The experience of track and cross country is more than what it seems like on the surface.

The team is another family to Flood, and they give her the support and loving pushes for further greatness. With the long and rigorous practices, this bond proves to be a big factor with keeping a level head and a positive attitude.

Flood’s favorite memory with her sport is more of a time of year than a specific experience. The time where the team enters championship season is her favorite time of year because the whole team gets excited and pumped up for the win. And this isn’t just among those participating in SUNYACs, regionals or nationals, but the entire team. It’s truly a magical thing.