Geneseo talent represented at Fringe Fest

Rochester’s annual Fringe Festival begins this Thursday Sept. 15 and runs until Sept. 24. As one of the city’s most highly anticipated events, the Fringe Festival is a “no-holds-barred, multi-disciplinary visual and performing arts festival featuring international, national and local artists.” Over the course of 10 days, this year’s festival will be home to over 500 events at over 25 venues in Rochester’s East End. Although this is only Rochester’s fifth Fringe Festival, it has grown larger and more successful each year since 2012.

This year, a number of Geneseo-based performances and exhibitions will be featured at the festival, including “Heirlooms.” “Heirlooms” includes both student creative writers and professor of English Rachel Hall posing the question, “How do we move forward?” through their stories and poems. In addition to “Heirlooms,” Guerilla Art—an organization that publishes student art and literature in public spaces—will also be there.

Putting Geneseo’s finest talent on display with some of the biggest names in Rochester—and around the world—proves that the college and the community have much more to offer than beautiful fields and science programs.