Knight of the Week: Sara Rosenzweig

When it comes to Geneseo track, many stars shine bright, but junior Sara Rosenzweig is a star to keep your eye on. Rosenzweig is a biology and Spanish double major with a drive that not only brings success to her academics, but to her athletic events as well. Rosenzweig hails from Merrick, New York and came into track when a mishap with soccer tryouts left her wanting another athletic outlet. She figured that her high endurance would work well with cross country and—to her good fortune—it was a better fit than she could have imagined.

“It just stuck” Rosenzweig said.

She came to Geneseo because she wanted to study science, to go to a state school and to a college that had a Division III sports program. The little college on the big hill matched her personal trifecta.

Here at Geneseo, Rosenzweig runs cross country and her events include the 6k, indoor 3k and 5k along with the 3k steeplechase. Last year, Rosenzweig was named All-American in Geneseo for coming in seventh in the regional meet. Her own personal goal for this year is to be All-American on the national scale, a goal that was missed last year by two places when Rosenzweig placed 37th nationally. She hopes to be in the top 20 and to help lead her team on to national championships.

This is a goal that seems a bit farfetched, but for runners like Rosenzweig, it is very realistic. The team placed second last year, which is one of her fondest memories in the sport.

“When we found out we came in second, we all burst into tears,” Rosenzweig said. Rosenzweig considers her teammates and best friends to be family, so achieving this with them was a special moment in her college career.

The team aspect of cross country is very important to Rosenzweig, and it is evident through her attempts to contribute all she has to it. Rosenzweig hopes that her leadership skills have helped her teammates not just in terms of the sport, but also in balancing cross country with academics, hobbies and work.

Along with her busy schedule, Rosenzweig has a directed study that looks at bilingualism and the implications it has with the brain—the perfect combination of her two majors. Outside of the track and academic buildings, Rosenzweig spends her time running and baking. Her passion for baked goods is focused mainly on muffins, but she said that she is looking into different recipes when she can find the time. When she isn’t in school, Rosenzweig is also a physical therapist assistant.

After Geneseo, Rosenzweig hopes to go onto graduate school. She is currently studying for the Medical College Admission Test. After she graduates, she plans on taking a year off to do research and to work before returning to school, in addition to running.

“Running is everything to me, for sure,” Rosenzweig said. “Without running, I really wouldn’t have structure to my life. My whole life kind of revolves around it right now, and I love it.”