Dorm decor: tips to make a dreary room feel like home

Many students find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to moving in and adapting to their new living situations for the semester or new chapter in their lives. There always seems to be an insufficient amount of space for organization in the close confines of a dorm room. It can feel nearly impossible to keep a room looking fresh and welcoming. No need to fear—there are ways to combat the drab process of organizing a dorm room before the semester gets in full swing. Start with the basic under-the-bed storage. Instead of strategically placing boxes or laundry hampers under a bed, try putting a plastic set of drawers on wheels or large totes beneath a box spring. The totes can be used as extra storage for out-of-season clothing, linens and towels—things a student doesn’t need daily.

To spruce up the drawers, use scrapbook paper on the front facing panel. With this, you can customize and label what is inside. The decorated paper adds a classy and effortless look to any project. As Monroe resident assistants said, “Scrapbook paper makes it look like you have your life together.”

When in a pinch for cash and suffeing from bland wall colors, use paint sample chips to make a design or mosaic of sorts on the barren white walls. This brings a bright and lively feel to any room, all at a minimal cost.

This project can be taken to the next level by using the paint chips as reminders. For example, when something pops up, jot it down on a paint chip on the wall. For the ultimate level of artistic organization, create a calendar with the chips. It can be crafty, cute and practical.

Furthermore, combat that messy closet and desk with simple $1 finds from the Dollar Tree. Although many keep far away from this store or forget its convenience, it can be exactly what a college student with shallow pockets needs when searching for something cheap and resourceful. The Dollar Tree stocks an assortment of baskets for storage, which are great for separating one’s socks from their undergarments. Not to mention, the store carries sweet seasonal decorations to be the envy of the hall—all while not breaking the bank.

So when you need ideas for decorating and organizing your minimal space without spending a pretty penny, reference these simple, clever tips to brighten up your dorm.