D.I.Y. WOW event provides creative outlet during syllabus week

Yet another Geneseo Weeks of Welcome event has been a success for the campus. Geneseo Late Knight hosted a DIY Room Night on Thursday Sept. 1 in the MacVittie College Union lobby at 6 p.m. For those unfamiliar with the concept, DIY—or do-it-yourself—is a popular movement that encourages people to create and to repair their own items rather than buy them from a store or enlisting professional help.

It can apply to home improvement, fashion, arts and other small projects and is often very cost efficient.

DIY is popular among younger crowds because ideas for projects are easily spread over social media with websites such as Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Instagram, which offer countless ideas. Older generations are now joining in on the fun, too, as their familiarity with social media increases.

GLK’s event featured three DIY stations in addition to a chocolate fountain and free giveaways. The first of the three stations had the Union lobby filled to the brim, as students sat down to paint three-dimensional cardboard letter G’s—the perfect way to calm down from the stress of settling into school. Students could be heard lamenting over how long it had been since they had indulged in such a creative activity.

Inside the Union Ballroom were the remaining two DIY opportunities. With the help of the GLK staff, students created personalized street signs–printed Geneseo blue–and covered whiteboards with pictures that were taken there of the participants and their friends in order to reflect the spirit of Geneseo.

Childhood education major senior Melissa Paravati expressed her approval of the event.  “[It was a] chance for new students to show their spirit and get excited about being here at Geneseo,” Paravati said.

At this event, GLK’s new image was very prominent. According to communication major and GLK staff member junior Lexi Lovric, GLK has recently rebranded. She also noted that all events held by the organization would have free Geneseo paraphernalia for students to collect.

In addition, GLK is attempting to popularize their loyalty cards. The loyalty cards operate much like the punch cards available at the local shops on Main Street. A student can attend eight GLK events, getting their loyalty card punched each time. After attending eight events they will be entered into a raffle in order to win big prizes such as iPads, Fitbits and Kindles.

The popularity of DIY Room Night seems to be proof of the success of GLK’s new image, which is altogether more energetic and encouraging. Staff members became active recruiters as they offered free “True to the Blue” T-shirts to students in Starbucks and around the Union. Students responded positively, seeming to prefer these one-on-one interactions rather than the half-hearted exchanges usually experienced from those tabling in the Union.

GLK has also released a calendar so that students can be up-to-date on all of this semester’s late night events, such as laser tag and a Dia de los Muertos celebration. As new and old students alike look forward to these various events, one thing is for sure: we haven’t seen the last of GLK’s success.u