Annual Welcome Back Jam rocks amidst exciting changes

Over the past week, there have been a plethora of events around campus aimed at welcoming both old and new students into the Geneseo community. The Geneseo Campus Activities Board and Geneseo Late Knight’s annual Welcome Back Jam on Friday Sept. 2 was an occasion to continue their tradition of encouraging students to meet new people and get aquainted with the campus community. Upon arrival, GLK and GCAB representatives welcomed the students, offering free giveaways and candy. The first 100 attendees were given GLK picnic blankets. In addition, each student was offered GLK calendars and key chains, all free of charge. As the sun set, students experienced lively music, fun with their friends and delicious free food.

“[GCAB’s] job is to come up with different events on campus for students to attend, from performing arts series to concerts … a whole range of things,” GCAB Music and Comedy Coordinator junior Leila Sedigh said.

This year’s Jam was considered a step up from those of the past. It was previously held on the MacVittie College Union patio, with only a zip line to accompany the musical performance. This year, however, GCAB and GLK mixed it up, offering more space and activities than ever before.

“We’ve been on the college union patio for a few years, but we were outgrowing the space, so we wanted to try something new,” Assistant Director of Student Life for Late Knight Programs and Activities Lauren Kuski said. “We definitely wanted to incorporate the new stadium, considering it’s a brand new facility and we don’t get people over there that much.”

There were inflatable bumper hover cars at the Jam, as well as the “safer” version of bungee jumping—inline bungee jumping—during which the participant jumped to new heights on a trampoline while strapped into a harness.

Local Geneseo band and winner of the 2016 Battle of the Bands Ponder the Giraffe kicked off the night with original and soulful jams. Indie rock band Brave Baby followed Ponder the Giraffe with their own unique performance.

Besides outgrowing the Union patio, it made sense for the Welcome Back Jam to be moved closer to the freshmen dorms.

“[The Welcome Back Jam] is geared toward the freshmen, which is why we’re trying it out here closer to South Side,” Sedigh said.

Although the Jam catered to freshmen, GCAB and GLK aimed to create an entertaining night for all Geneseo students.

“It’s just something fun to do on a Friday evening—it gives everybody a chance to come out and experience what Geneseo, GLK and GCAB have to offer,” Kuski said. “All years are obviously welcome, and this is a great opportunity for us to give away some free swag and promote our calendar.”

Students were invited to watch Captain America: Civil War on the South Quad after the event, which offered a satisfying conclusion to a night of festivities.