Drug usage creates unique pleasures in consensual sex

If sober sex is a taboo subject, sex under the influence of one’s favorite substance is restricted material. It’s important to remember that consent cannot be fully given by either party while under the influence—though there are times when you and an intimate partner may want to knock boots while boozed-up or baked. First and foremost, you and your partner should discuss having sex before using mind-altering substances. Both parties should fully consent—while sober—to having sex while intoxicated.

For many, their first sexual experiences—especially in college—may be under the influence of alcohol. This is not the type of sex that I am referring to; bringing a stranger home from a party rarely results in hyper-passionate intimacy.

Alcohol is well known as a social lubricant, but it can also be a sexual door opener. If someone is normally reserved in their sexual behavior, operating under the influence may open up doors that would have otherwise remained closed. For example, anal sex is often considered the ultimate taboo and is final frontier of sexual exploration for many. While someone may be very apprehensive to try anal play while sober, the experience may be more enticing and exciting while drunk.

Marijuana—used legally, of course—can be used in a similar way. The use of cannabis can result in different sensations depending on which strain of herb is consumed, but some of the most common effects of marijuana use are enhanced sensations. This can include taste, hearing and touch sensations. Logically, having loud, passionate oral sex while high can result in an intense sexual experience that may be difficult to replicate while sober.

Another effect of marijuana use is an increase in creativity. This means that sexual experiences while high may result in totally unique and awesome encounters. Marijuana may allow you and your partner to think outside the box when it comes to your sexualities.

A commonly reported effect of both alcohol and marijuana use is an increase in sexual desires as a whole. For two consenting adults, this can result in passionate, intense sexual encounters. It’s important to remember, however, that pushing someone into having sex while they’re inebriated is not only morally reprehensible—it is rape.

It can be hard to define the line between someone having a buzz and being unable to consent to sexual activity—especially while at college. As it was described to me early on in my college career, if you cannot get a firm and clear “Yes” from your partner after they’ve had a few drinks, then there is no consent. “Yes means yes” is a better way to think about consent than “No means no.”

Drugs—when used legally and responsibly by consenting adults—can result in distinct and remarkable sexual experiences. Whether you want to experience new things with a longtime partner or simply wish to try something new with your next Tinder date, alcohol and legal marijuana can be gateways to extraordinary escapades.