Sexual relationships improve with age

Sex is a large part of many college students’ lives. Our sexual lifestyle from freshmen year to senior year and beyond can change immensely. Everyone becomes more comfortable with their bodies and with their sexual interactions with other people. This generally makes a person more willing to experiment and try new things. One’s notions and views on sex and their sexual partners change as people begin to understand more about how they function and how they expect their partner to function in bed.

In modern society, there is a strong focus on the number of sexual partners you have had and how often you have sex with them, rather than concentrating on finding one or two people you really feel comfortable with—people who respond to your needs to your full advantage.

The goals and expectations that students may have had early on in their sexual history may grow or change with time. Oftentimes, in the beginning of the relationship, a person will be too reserved to properly communicate their needs or wants with their partner. As a result, they might come out of the sexual experience feeling unsatisfied.

Many straight women—when having sex at an early age—tend to look up to their partner in order to provide the most satisfaction possible. The male partner will often take the lead in sexual activities, and as women get older, they become surer about what they want and take charge more.

If there is disparity in attention when regarding the needs of sexual partners, it might make the sex feel disjointed and bland. Sexual experience plays a big part in what you may expect from a sexual encounter and in what you’re looking for in a partner.

As you get older and become more selective about your sexual partners, you may feel more comfortable with them. People are willing to slow down, relax, enjoy every part of sex, experiment with new sexual techniques and fully understand how you respond to each other’s touches. As people age, they may become more comfortable with their bodies and have less insecurities about themselves.

Many people feel it is easier to talk about sex and to engage in sexual conversations as they become older. Sex used to be an activity seldom spoken about—a secret kept between you and another person that was never really discussed. Now, it’s a topic you can openly discuss—and work to improve. It transitions from being awkward to relaxing and enjoyable.

Overall, sex does get better as you get older due to a greater awareness of your personal desires, increased openness to being vulnerable and a stronger understanding of how to communicate with your partner when engaging in an intimate affair.