Student arrested with controlled substance, other charges pending

The Livingston County Drug Task Force arrested a Geneseo student on Monday March 28 at 3 Center St. Apt. 201 after a search warrant led to the discovery of narcotics, drug paraphernalia and over $2,800 cash.

Junior Thomas H. Troge of Oyster Bay, New York faces charges for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree—a class B felony. Troge was arraigned and held in the Livingston County jail on $25,000 bail or $50,000 bond.

According to Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian ’91, it is “more than likely” that a tip given to the Livingston County Drug Task Force jumpstarted the investigation, although Osganian said he does no know case details. “The task force applied for a search warrant because they had information that there was drug activity at the address,” he said. “The County Court Judge Robert Wiggins signed the search warrant and while effecting it, they located the drugs.”

Various quantities of Adderall, Xanax, marijuana and  tetrahydrocannabinol food items were discovered during the search. In addition, the task force seized upwards of $2,800 also present in the vicinity.

“We believe that he was selling these pills to other people,” Osganian said, although he emphasized that Troge has not yet been charged for selling prescription drugs. Rather, his arrest focused on his possession of a controlled substance—an alleged hallucinogen. The district attorney’s office may opt for a grand jury to see if there are other charges that might be applicable.   

The Livingston County Drug Task Force monitors Geneseo and the surrounding towns for the uses of illegal substances including, but not limited to, marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Osganian said he believes the county has seen a rise in the use of class A drugs resulting from a greater accessibility and cheaper prices. Last year, the Village Police dealt with two cases of heroin overdoses.

“Heroin is cheap to get and the prescription pills are increasing,” Osganian said. He added, however, that he does not see prevalent use of the drug in the student population.

Village Trustee-elect junior Matthew Cook said he believes the rise in drugs around Livingston County is reflective of a bigger issue. “It’s something that hasn’t been given due attention. One case is too much,” Cook said. “When dealing with it, it should be pointed toward rehabilitation rather than flat out punishment.”

Cook pushed for students to educate themselves about the effects of hard drugs—and more so to just avoid them entirely. “I can’t think of any cases where they have made someone’s life better,” he said.

Cook did not seem worried about the use of drugs around campus, even with Troge’s arrest and the rise in use in the surrounding community. “I think Geneseo students are smart to stay away from them,” Cook said.

The felony hearing for Troge’s arrest is scheduled for Friday April 1—unless he decides to waive the hearing, in which case an adjournment will lead to a new court date. Due to the severity of a class B felony and potential additional charges, this case could be lifted from Geneseo and passed to the County Court.

Two additional students present at the time of Troge’s arrest received unlawful possession of marijuana tickets and will appear in court.