“Rock Your Semester” assists students, provides scheduling guidance

Hosted and funded by the Student Association Academic Affairs Committee, “Rock Your Semester” was held on Monday March 22 in the MacVittie College Union Lobby to provide “peer-to-peer advisement” for students about the the classes they might be taking next semester. This was an important event, as many students struggle with creating class schedules—sometimes students will even end up either not taking enough classes for their major requirements or taking classes they don’t need.

This event’s main goal was to prepare students to think about how they wanted to construct their upcoming semester and to interest them in possible classes outside of or within their major that might not have been part of the requirements.

Students were provided with syllabi for all of the classes listed at each department. Additionally, there were individual tables used to represent each major and a list of classes offered the following semester. Refreshments and snacks were provided for students to enjoy while they explored the classes offered.

Some departments were missing from the function, however, such as the physics department. There wasn’t an extensive class list for all the departments, as what was primarily addressed on the list were general requirements for most college students in that major.

There were students stationed at each major’s table who were very helpful in looking up classes and giving insight into specific professors. They were able to provide advice on the workload to be expected or the intensity of the course. Some students were also answering questions on registration and how to select and plan your course schedule ahead of time using KnightWeb and MyGeneseo. Students were able to get an idea of what their future classes may be like by talking to other students who had previously taken the same courses.

The student element helped to make the event more relaxed and less intimidating to participants who may have been uneasy about expressing uncertainties to their department heads and advisors. Having students representing each major was a great and efficient way to engage other students who might have questions about the major as well as the workload of future classes they might have to take.

“This event is a helpful way students to get more information about their major and their classes,” AAC peer advisement coordinator sophomore Alyssa Forbes, said.

“Rock Your Semester” seemed to succeed in this endeavor, giving generous guidance and advice to students who will most certainly benefit from peer help with registration right around the corner.