Knight of Week: Tim Wright

Most collegiate varsity athletes remain on one team throughout their entire college careers, giving them four years to prove themselves and to earn their starting positions. Geneseo men’s lacrosse junior attacker Tim Wright, however, earned his spot when he transferred to Geneseo his sophomore year.

Wright immediately proved that he was a good addition to the team—Wright fit in with the players right away, demonstrating the leadership qualities that have helped the team as a whole ever since. Being the only returning starter on attack this year, Wright has to help out his fellow teammates so that they can have a successful season.

Wright hails from Waterloo, New York, where he started playing lacrosse at a very young age. Lacrosse is a big part of the Wright family, hence the reason that Wright began playing so early on. He explained that with his father helping out the community’s youth lacrosse program, lacrosse became something his whole family participated in.

When the Wright family is not playing lacrosse, though, they are tending to their family-owned Christmas tree farm. With this experience, Wright has had an intriguing home life—one that has influenced Wright to become not only the player, but also the person whom he is today.

Wright’s collegiate lacrosse career began at Post University in Waterbury, Conneticut—a Division II team.

“I was a freshman starter and led the team in assists and was third in points,” Wright said. “It was not a great fit for me. I believe coming to Geneseo was one of the best decisions I have made.”

Wright has become a key player on the Geneseo lacrosse team. After playing Division II, he was the new, skilled player the Knights desperately needed in addition to his immense knowledge of the game.

Having lacrosse experience and skills is not enough to help bring a team success, however. A player also needs a good personality, which Wright certainly has. Wright explained that he tries to use his energy and positive attitude to lift the team’s spirits when necessary. Wright’s ability to determine the right times to joke around and to be serious is a quality that all teams need in a player. He knows when to lift the mood to put his teammates in a better mindset and when to step up and be a leader.

Wright is majoring in communication on the journalism and media track. He noted that he aspires to find a job in the advertising or marketing fields for a professional sports team. With one year left at Geneseo, he still has time to prepare for the real world while also reaching his goal of leading the team to a SUNYAC title.