Snow Ball dance dazzles, entertains students in safe space

Events on campus often endeavor to create a space for students to engage in some type of fun activity while also collecting donations for a charitable cause. Suffolk Hall Council did just that with their “Suffolk Hall Snow Ball” event at the Knight Spot on Friday Feb. 19.

Snow Ball not only provided entertainment to students, but also served as a fundraiser for the Livingston Mobile Food Pantry. The event was organized by Suffolk Hall president freshman Barak Stockler and co-organizer freshman Ashley Lara, who both aimed to organize a night that would be both fun and philanthropic.

The event had a semi-formal dress code, giving students—particularly freshman—who may not be as well-acquainted with groups as other students or who wished to engage in weekend nightlife other than the typical “going out” routine a unique and friendly space to dress up and have a good time with their peers.   

Lara reiterated the idea that the comfortable atmosphere was a draw for many students. “The music is good and it’s a safe space,” she said.

Suffolk Hall residents and a myriad of other students came together at the Snow Ball, dancing the night away amidst a winter wonderland of decor. Sparkling lights and snowflakes were in abundance, bringing light and a little bit of pizzazz to the beginning of a spectacular night. The event also served as a nice getaway from the harsh winter air. A DJ played popular music for students to dance to, while a wide array of appetizers and drinks were available for attendees.

Suffolk Hall Council successfully provided the opportunity for students to have fun in a more reserved social space and to take part in nightlife without having to put themselves in any situations in which they were uncomfortable. In addition, with The Statesmen recently transitioning to only admitting those who are 21 and over, Snow Ball gave underage students a place to dance to their heart’s content without getting ID-ed to do so.

Students looking for a more relaxed, more familiar method of interacting with fellow students may frequent various Knight Spot events—such as the Snow Ball—on weekends. At these events, students can meet others with similar interests and possibly spark new friendships.

Everyone who attended the event came dressed in their best attire and danced all night. Although attendance was fairly low—possibly due to the entrance fee for the event—participant freshman Emily White said that, “If the event had more publicity and less Resident Assistants, it would have been more popular.”

White added, however, that she was encouraged to come to this event by her friends and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Overall, the students at Snow Ball all seemed to be very friendly and welcoming to each other. The snacks were a hit with hungry attendees and the music was both raging and engaging. Organizers of the event demonstrated their dedication to the creation of an entertaining affair for their fellow residents through the considerable amount of effort that was put into the decoration, advertising and overall organization.

The charity cause behind the entrance fee was the cherry on top, as it allowed attendees to make a difference in the community and to help feed those in need.