Reptile Guys combine education and fun at Wadsworth Library

The staff at Wadsworth Library partnered with Rochester group The Reptile Guys on Friday Feb. 19 to host an educational show for the Geneseo community.

Displaying the extensive variety of their live inventory, The Reptile Guys showcased their alligator, hognose snake, corn snake, bearded dragon, several geckos and their very rare albino Burmese python.

People crowded the floor, with children waiting in anticipation for the scaly creatures to be exhibited. As was expected, the children were both willing and eager to get a hand on the larger, yet surprisingly docile reptiles.

“I can do the whole show by myself if it weren’t for the big [albino Burmese python],” The Reptile Guys store owner Scott Oechsle said. “At a big gathering like this, I usually bring some help. It also makes it easier to get two animals going around at one time—[it] holds the kids’ attention longer and keeps them relaxed.”

Geneseo students were also in attendance. Due to the spectacle being located just one stairwell down from the library’s main floor, university students studying in the library took a break to attend the show. Additionally, the students were given equal chances to participate in all the action.

This show wasn’t just held for entertainment, however—the audience was also educated about the unique features of each reptile. The Reptile Guys attempted to make the show as interactive as possible. They held the animals in their hands and allowed the children to have a close up view of each of them. Some children were even allowed to help hold the biggest serpent—the albino Burmese python—and get up close to the friendly snake. Onlookers readily had their phones in hand, eagerly waiting to take pictures.

Oechsle and his coworkers volunteered to take the 40-minute drive from their store at 44 Spencerport Rd. in Rochester to entertain the kids during their time off from school. “Because of February break, we found this time to be the most ideal and scheduled the show as something for the kids to do,” Oechsle said.

Thanks to their excellent track record and high ratings over the past 15 years, the shop has found little trouble with scheduling parties and events that entertain the masses with their tame and impressive collection of 500 pets.

After the event, Oeschle held a brief question and answer segment. A plethora of questions came from parents who were still skeptical about adopting a reptile into their family as a pet. The animals that are housed and sold at the store are very similar to the ones featured at the show.

“Although we do not sell our show-pets, the characteristics that basically make good show animals also make good pets,” Oechsle said.