Frugal Foodie: Stay energized with dining hall smoothie

Five weeks into the semester, exams become a common occurrence. During this draining time, you might find it difficult to squeeze in a meal during the day or to stay on a daily eating schedule. If you skip meals, though, you might be missing out on the nutrients you need to stay healthy—or you also might be feeling exhausted more often. While trying to fill this void with caffeine may seem like the smartest choice, it will only lead you to crash later. Luckily, you can find all the foods you need to stay energized and healthy in the dining halls at Geneseo.

Turning to your fruits and vegetables is also a good way to beat the drowsy blues. From Fusion alone, you can buy both bananas and avocados—both of which are great for an energy boost. You can get a few more ingredients from the dining halls around campus to make a smoothie to carry along with you to class, boosting your energy along the way if you can’t make it to Letchworth Dining Hall. With a couple of kiwis—which are great to keep a healthy immune system during cold season—spinach and some whole milk, you’re well on your way to having a healthy pick me up.

Dining Hall Energy Smoothie:


Two bananas

Two kiwis

1/2 avocado

Two cups of spinach/kale

1/3 cup Greek vanilla yogurt

1/3 cup of whole milk

Honey (to taste)


Combine in blender until smooth. You could also try some apples instead of the avocado if you want something sweeter.