Finding fun on V-Day, your way

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time for candy hearts, Valentine’s Day cards, roses and sappy movies. For some, this is also a time for being with the one they love. For others living the single life, this holiday may be somewhat dreaded. Single individuals can feel a mixture of loneliness or pressure to compensate for not having someone special during this day of love.

With all the romance movies on Netflix, gaudy love-drenched displays in stores and endless Valentine’s-themed advertisements and television specials, February 14 can seem daunting to the average single person. It’s understandable to feel the need to fill this desire for love, but can casual sex on Valentine’s Day actually fill that void?

Many students hookup out of pressure to find a sexual partner because of social media’s inevitable influence, they feel left out by their peers who are in relationships or simply because they are lonely. Some do so under the influence—sometimes not even remembering the sexual encounter—and are likely left to deal with an awkward morning-after experience. Students may also find that they were left feeling insecure or ashamed after the one-night stand—not to mention the chance of having an awkward run-in with past partners later on. 

Don’t expect too much from casual sex. It can be fun, but having a one-night stand on Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily make it more special than any other hookup. Even though there’s a possible chance that this could result into something more, those with past experience would most likely recommend not to expect anything going into it. You might have fun or catch feelings on Valentine’s Day, but that does not mean that your partner sees it as anything more than just sex.

Moreover, if you do spend your Valentine’s Day having a casual hookup, remember to keep it safe—especially if you do not know about your partner’s past sexual history. Always make sure to use protection. The worst Valentine’s Day gifts to give or receive are sexually transmitted infections.

Additionally, remember that there are others things to do on Valentine’s Day—don’t feel as if you absolutely have to get laid or you’ll feel like a lonely loser. You could find some other single friends and have a movie or video game marathon. Maybe you and your friends could even take out some stress with an interactive activity like laser tag or bowling. Another good option is to have a “treat yo self” day by doing something you love or catching up on some much needed sleep that you missed out on earlier in the weekend.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, remember to be safe and to do what you feel most comfortable with—even if your peers don’t do the same.