Hinds’ debut album enthusiastic, dynamic

Spanish indie rock band Hinds released their first album Leave Me Alone on Jan. 8. The all-woman four-piece hails from Madrid and has played music throughout Europe since 2014. The band played numerous shows in America in 2015—including 16 shows at the South by Southwest festival—and have a few American dates lined up for their 2016 tour. Hinds is a perfect mix of grungy, yet fun; they are cute, yet intimidatingly tough rock. The opening track “Garden” is one of the best songs on the album, giving a strong introduction to the band’s style with its punchy guitar riffs. Singer and guitarist Carlotta Cosials starts the track with her attitude-filled and whiny—in a good way—vocals with, “How many secrets [do] you have that keep you smiling that way?”

Later in the track, Cosials and second singer and guitarist Ana Perrote enthusiastically scream together, “Show me the game/show me the rules again/because I’ll play it, I’ll play it, I’ll take it now”—making it irresistible to sing and dance along to this song in your bedroom.

The track “Castigadas En El Granero” has the best chorus on the album. Perrote and Cosials sing back and forth, with Perrote singing about the cows and corn in the granero—meaning barn—and Cosials—in her effortlessly sultry voice—responding, “I know you’re hearing that voice … a smoking roll… daddy let me go… oh father let me go.” The track is a perfect rock ‘n’ roll hit reminiscent of The Vaccines or punk band Jawbreaker Reunion.

The next track “Solar Gap” is where Hinds really shows its musical and artistic talent. The song is two minutes of dreamy instrumental, making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. The track’s emotional simplicity makes it stand out from the upbeat tracks on the album.

My favorite track on the album is the playful “Bamboo.” Bassist Ade Martín starts off the track before an explosion of guitar and drums. Once again, Cosials and Perrote choreograph their vocals, bouncing from Cosial’s coy, “I want you to call me by my name when I am lying on your bed” to Perrote’s, “How could I show you without looking freaking mad/that I am not always gonna be around?” The song feels familiar and relatable while still being naturally fun and quirky.

The track “And I Will Send Your Flowers Back” feels like a bittersweet complement to “Bamboo.” It carries an air of melancholy from lost love as the pair sings, “And I’ll send your flowers back/What goes around comes around.” If “Bamboo” tells the story of a flirty new fling, this track is the ending chapter of the relationship. It feels raw and honest—almost like your best friend giving you tough advice after a break-up.

The last track “Walking Home” ends the album on an upbeat and positive note. The dynamic instrumentals—especially drummer Amber Grimbergen’s catchy beat—make this track unique and original.

Hinds feels down-to-earth and easy-going, yet you can tell that they take their music very seriously. It is such a pleasure to discover female musicians who are easily on their way to global success.