DIY holiday craft

Each year at the start of the winter season, one decoration that is frequently seen is the advent calendar. For anyone who may not know what exactly that is, it’s a calendar that counts down the days to Christmas. Typically, each date has small doors that have either a picture or a treat hidden behind them. Online, they range from $5 to over $100. For college students, spending money on a calendar that will only be used for a short time each year seems irrationally extravagant. Here’s a unique do-it-yourself calendar you can easily make for a reasonable price:

You will need:

A wine box or two—they are already sectioned off for you

Scissors or a box cutter

Construction paper



Anything else you may want to use to decorate your calendar

Small gifts to fill your calendar


1. Cut the box and the spacers in half so that you can have two half boxes and two sets of spacers.

2. Close the ends, stack the boxes and glue them together. If you want a full 25-day calendar, you will need a second box.

3. Glue or tape the construction paper to the closed sides and decorate as you please.

4. Label the bottom of the squares with the number of days until Christmas or cut doors out of construction paper to cover the holes where the presents go and label them with the count down.

5. Fill the cubes with your treats and enjoy your count down.

This DIY craft will be much larger than your average advent calendar, but it’s a lot of fun to make.