Knight of the week: Jeff Doser

For some athletes, Geneseo is the perfect combination of challenging academics and successful athletics. Such is the case for sophomore freestyle swimmer Jeff Doser—the Geneseo men’s swim team allows for Doser to strive both academically and in the NCAA.

While he maintains a double major in biology and mathematics, Doser is also breaking records for the swim team. These kinds of athletes are usually very successful, as being part of a varsity team and pushing themselves academically requires certain organizational and disciplinary skills—both of which Doser managed to figure out early on in his college career.

Doser grew up just outside of Rochester in Penfield, New York, where his swim career began approximately seven years ago. Being the youngest of four children, Doser was very much influenced by his older siblings—especially his oldest brother—when it came to swimming. His two older brothers encouraged Doser to try the sport for himself, resulting in what was soon to be a very successful swim career. Doser was the captain of his high school swim team and he also swam for a club team. He also swam for the Section V state team for three years.

With so many varsity athletes on campus, being selected to represent your team as a whole is very impressive. Doser was selected this year to represent the men’s swim team as a member of the Geneseo Student Athlete Advisory Committee. In SAAC, select players of each varsity team go to discuss topics such as issues among student athletes and what can be done within the Division III rules to resolve these problems. Being selected for this demonstrates that Doser has notable leadership qualities and that he is capable of making a difference within the Geneseo athletic community.

Doser’s events on the swim team include the 50, 100 and 200-meter freestyle swim, all of which he is successful in. Doser expressed his belief that he has been able to help the team become stronger in these events, particularly because of the close relationship the men on the team have.

“I think that the 100 and 200 free are weak spots on the team, but I believe that I have helped fill that spot,” he said. “I also think that we all work together really well on relays. We are a close group and being as close as we are helps us go faster during meets.”

Having such a strong bond with teammates has not only helped the team collectively, but has helped Doser personally. With support and encouragement from teammates, Doser’s personal goals of continuing his victories in dual meets, placing in all three of his events at the SUNYAC Tournament and ultimately swimming his way to nationals become even more attainable.

With his achievements so far—and his level of motivation and positivity—Doser has a very high probability of achieving his dreams during the 2015-2016 swim season.