Blue Wave look strong with 5-0 start

The Geneseo men’s and women’s swim teams have maintained a very impressive record through the beginning of their season. Currently 5-0, both teams are in great shape for the remainder of the season.

Head coach Paul Dotterweich expressed that he has a lot of optimism in regards to the future of the Blue Wave. “I would anticipate that, this year, we would be the favorite to win again on both sides,” he said. “This level of confidence will allow for the team to keep up their hard work, as they know how successful their results will be.”

As with any other team, having a good chemistry amongst the swimmers is essential. Dotterweich summed up this year’s team chemistry in one word: “awesome”—and this proves to be true when looking at their overall team statistics from this season so far.

“I figured out many years ago that team chemistry is really important. Even though it is not a team sport where we are relying on chemistry on game day, I think the chemistry of the team is so important in terms of the athlete’s motivation to perform, their motivation to come work hard at practice,” Dotterweich said. “And with recruiting, I think it is equally as important to find new athletes with our culture and that are going to buy into athletes, as opposed to finding athletes who are just good athletes.”

Having teammates who get along will make all the difference in any sport and while swim may be relatively individualistic, it is still very necessary. The new members of the swim team have made a positive contribution to the overall atmosphere of the team, as they exude positivity and enthusiasm during practices and meets. Dotterweich explained that this is exactly what he searches for during the recruiting process.

“We won’t sacrifice a person’s value or where they fit in on the team for talent,” Dotterweich said. “I would rather take the person that fits into our team’s culture and values over the person who is a slightly better athlete and does not fit into the culture and values because I think, ultimately, those athletes will do better in the end.” This theory has proven to work out very well for Dotterweich, as he has had a tremendous amount of success throughout his 15 seasons of being the head coach for the Blue Wave here at Geneseo.

After earning the SUNYAC title for both the men’s and women’s team last year for the 10th time, it seems very feasible for the team to do it an 11th time. Dotterweich explained that the athletes are already ahead in terms of times during their events in comparison to this point last year—providing hard evidence that the team has improved since last season.

With their chemistry, talent, hard work and coaching staff, the Geneseo swim team has everything working in their favor to result in a rewarding season.