Final installment of Hunger Games brings satisfying closure to trilogy

The finale to The Hunger Games movie series—adapted from Suzanne Collins’ young adult novels—ended with a bang as the final film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, was an incredibly moving, emotional and satisfying motion picture. The film was a wonderful adaptation to the novel, bringing the film series full circle both cinematically and emotionally. The film follows Katniss Everdeen—played by Jennifer Lawrence—as she and her fellow rebels attempt to end the violent revolution within their home of Panem. Along the way, Katniss suffers loss, terror and life-changing moments as she is determined to kill President Snow—played by Donald Sutherland—who has been the villainous dictator of Panem since the beginning of the series. Sutherland brilliantly depicts Snow as the pernicious, haughty dictator with his bone-chilling delivery.

The chemistry between Katniss and Peeta—played by Josh Hutcherson—was stronger than in previous films. Hutcherson played the sometimes-neurotic Peeta Mellark, as he was suffering the after-effects of Capitol torture. The character’s dimensionality was impressively shown through the use of Hutcherson’s display of emotions.

Supporting male characters like Gale Hawthorne—played by Liam Hemsworth—and Finnick Odair—played by Sam Claflin—acted as strong male comrades to Katniss’ war on the Capitol.

After the death of Plutarch Heavensbee—played by Philip Seymour Hoffman—it was interesting going into the film wondering how they would deal with the absence of such a major character. Naturally, the adaptations of the novel in these aspects were different, but the storyline was well maintained.

This film was chockfull of dramatic death scenes. Whether the deceased characters were old-time favorites or Capitol citizens, the filmmakers made the scenes almost too moving, as each death was utterly heartbreaking to watch. It felt as if you were a part of Katniss’ journey and emotional rollercoaster for the entire film—whether she was in the depths of the Capitol sewers or right in front of Snow’s gates.

Contrary to the first installment of the Mockingjay film, the second part had a continuous plot that kept you on the edge of your seat. But perhaps that was one of its biggest—and only—flaws: There were many unlikely events, such as the deadly black sludge stopping right where they needed it to or the peacekeepers just missing Katniss as she attempts to sneak into the Capitol. Although it may have been too easy, it did not hinder the overall experience of the movie.

The film in and of itself was seemingly the best of all four installments simply because the actors played with so much raw emotion and talent. It was the perfect wrap to Katniss’ journey since she first joined The Hunger Games.