Picking up where he left off, Curry looks to win another ring

When avid and casual basketball fans alike think of National Basketball Association point guard Stephen Curry, they think of explosiveness. They think excitement. Most recently, they think NBA Champion and Most Valuable Player.

Despite all of these credentials, however, people still question whether or not he is the best in the league. Some still do say that he’s the best to ever play the game. Regardless of these mixed opinions, there is no denying Curry’s presence and ability on the court.

Wardell Stephen Curry Jr. was born on March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio to NBA player Wardell Curry. His background is extremely important in his love for basketball. His father played and his son would often go with him to games. Being raised in this environment, Curry Jr. was brought up not just around basketball, but in it and with it.

Regardless of his upbringing, no one can deny that Curry has skill on the court—his three-point field goal percentage is a whopping 44 percent. Given the amount of threes that he takes, he’s easily one of the best and most efficient three-point shooters in the game. He also has a very good set of ball handling moves, putting them to use often as the point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

I don’t think, however, that this is what makes him such a special player. Sure, he has to have these things to be successful, but his real magic comes in crunch time.

“Clutch” is not a word I throw around lightly. I would attribute it to only a few players: retired NBA legends Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James. I would, however, add Curry to that list. His ability to perform under pressure is really what earned him the MVP award last year and was also a huge part of the Warriors championship run.

Curry has to compete with the like of James, Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, New Orleans Pelican forward Anthony Davis and more for the title of best player in the league. I think he is very close to the top of that list.

I do not, however, think Curry can currently be titled as one of the best to ever play the game. It is far too early in Curry’s very young career to be making statements like that. If he continues to play like this, however, I think he could definitely win more MVP awards and possibly more rings.

If Curry continues to have season’s like he did in 2013-2014—which is looking likely given the way he is currently playing—I think he will be a future Hall of Famer and will definitely be considered one of the best to ever play the game.