Indoor track looks to follow SUNYAC Championship

The Geneseo women’s track and field team is getting ready to step back into action as they wrap up their preseason and are about to start their winter season.  After placing second for the SUNYAC Indoor Championship title last winter season—and breaking plenty of records while doing so—the team looks to be even more successful this year.

Their achievements from last season will keep the Knights motivated to work hard for the entirety of this upcoming season. Junior sprinter Kylie Ryan reiterated the team’s high expectations for this season.

“As a team, both the men and women are hoping to bring home SUNYAC Championship titles,” she said. “Personally, I have a goal of making it to the NCAA Championships with one of our relay teams.”

Ryan isn’t the only one with this personal goal—the energy and determination of everyone on this team seems to reflect a similar attitude. With so many members reaching for the NCAA Championships, the team will most likely achieve high honors this year.

After such a strong finish to last year’s winter track season, the team isn’t going to settle for anything less than first place this year. Naturally, the newcomers must be able to contribute. The team seems to have welcomed some very promising freshmen, which is keeping their spirits and confidence high going into the competition.

“I think this season will be better than last year’s,” Ryan said. “We brought in a lot of young, talented athletes that are going to be a strong addition to the team. Last year, our team took second at the SUNYAC Championships and I believe with the talent coming back from last year and the addition of the new members, we will surprise a lot of people.”

Since track is a very individualistic sport, it is easy for one to think that there may not be a strong team dynamic. This is not the case for the Knights, however. Teamwork pays an instrumental role in their successes.

The Knights reconvened almost immediately upon their return to Geneseo for the fall semester. The men and women strive to motivate each other and stay in shape by going for leisurely team runs in order to prepare for their preseason. The runners all rely on each other for support and this bond amongst team members is ultimately what makes the difference for plenty of the athletes.

Even though Ryan may be one of the team’s most successful individuals, she will not take all of the credit. She noted that she feels that she owes most of her achievements to her team.

“While it is an individual sport, the team cannot win without the whole team doing well. Most of my success has been thanks to the support of my teammates. The whole team comes together and supports one another,” she said. “I think having a team to support you is a very important aspect of why I love this sport. Yes, at the end of the day, my success is on me, but seeing my teammates do well and support me is what helps me do so well.”

The Knights are certainly approaching their 2015-2016 season with the right dedication and goals—goals that can result in a SUNYAC Championship title. The Geneseo track team’s first meet is on Dec. 5.