Center for Languages & Cultures opens for students, faculty

The Center for Languages & Cultures held its Inauguration Ceremony on Wednesday Nov. 11 in Welles 2 at 2:30 p.m. The event embraced students and faculty alike, inviting anyone interested to see what the center has to offer. The affair offered not only delicious cultural snacks, but also time to personally chat with professors, too.

Adjunct Spanish instructor Rocio Vallejo warmly welcomed all to the event. In its duration, the event buzzed with a myriad of conversations, all in a variety of languages—Spanish, French, Russian and more. People bustled around the wide assortment of foods the buffet held.

The opening menu began with the two appetizers: Tortilla de patata from Spain and Republic of Togo’s Amadan. The main courses were from the cultures of Mexico and Spain; they were “Enmoladas” and “Empanada Gallega.” The large sweet assortment came from Latin-America, Poland, Italy and Algeria.

Each intriguing dish was delicious in taste and rich in cultural personality. Menus were placed around the center to give each dish’s name, cultural connection and origin. Some treats ranged from traditional dishes to favorites from “roadside restaurants.”   

As the event went on, the humor and enthusiasm that the department of languages and literatures exuded became prominent through their connected conversations and laughter.

“[The Languages and Literatures Department] is the coolest! Everyone’s middle name here is ‘cool!’” assistant professor of Francophone studies Kodjo Adabra exclaimed. In just one conversation, one could learn about and be introduced to everyone in the department—the encouraging community the center provides is phenomenal.

“Monday through Thursday, the center provides tutoring and help for students if they need it,” lecturer in Spanish Elizabeth Adams said. She discussed how the center helps with tutoring and translation services, along with how the center reaches out to the community by helping in Geneseo High School and other communal facilities.

Adams added that the center is always trying to reach out to create an interactive way of connecting with the student body. The center interacts with students in a number of ways, such as round circle chats and book talks.

Adjunct lecturer in Spanish Felisa Brea explained that the book talks allow students of various levels to participate. “You just read the book, then come and talk about it,” Brea said. “You can speak in Spanish or if you need or want, English.” The next book talk is on Dec. 2.

The Inauguration Ceremony not only allowed students to ask questions about their language studies, but it also facilitated student connections with the inspiring and heartening department. The Inauguration Ceremony was a great time that helped students get to know the professors of the languages and literatures department and to explore the Center for Languages & Cultures. Moreover, the celebration allowed students to immerse themselves in a cultural experience.