Maitland: The problem with pro-choice; body autonomy defense doesn't justify abortion

The Thursday Oct. 29 issue of The Lamron included the editorial “Carly Fiorina on Abortion: Pro-life Stance Contradicts Feminist Ideals,” which spoke out against Fiorina’s pro-life stance as a presidential candidate. Unfortunately, the editorial fell slightly short of reality.

The editorial read, “Every individual female should have a choice when it comes to their bodily autonomy.” This is absolutely true. It erroneously used that as justification for abortion, however. In actuality, this quote illustrates a fundamental and frighteningly common misunderstanding that a fetus is part of a woman’s body.

A fetus is scientifically, biologically and genetically not a part of a woman’s body from the moment of conception. If you were to take the cell of a fetus at any stage of development and have the DNA tested against that of the mother, it would be entirely different from the mother’s.  Human bodies do not simply start growing a lump of cells with entirely different DNA and eventually their own set of vital organs and brains. Women do not have two different blood types, two hearts, two brains and four eyes. Fetuses are not a part of the woman’s body.

If a woman discovers a pimple growing on her face, it is absolutely a part of her body and she has every right to pop the pimple if she chooses. While both pimples and fetuses are composed of living human cells, a pimple is part of a woman’s body and a fetus is not. A fetus has entirely separate DNA from the mother; this is not conservative, anti-feminist propaganda. At any stage of development, a fetus is scientifically not a part of the woman’s body.

The editorial also read, “[E]very pregnancy is inherently risky for even healthy females, so any pregnant individual should have the choice to terminate the potentially life-threatening pregnancy if they do not want to risk their life for another person.”

While I am impressed—and confused—that the article identified the fetus as a person, this sentiment reflects a complete lack of appetitive restraint and general failure of morals among the liberal, pro-choice platform. Babies are not merely a growth or something that just happens on its own. Babies are not spontaneously threatening the lives of anyone.

I do agree with the article’s claim that Fiorina has a lack of consistency when it comes to making exceptions for rape and incest. The value of a life is certainly not dependent on the actions of the parents. No one should be killed for the crimes of their parents.   

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been over 55 million abortions in the United States since 1973. Statistically speaking, that means over 20 million girls have been killed at the hands of abortion doctors. That isn’t misogyny—that is fact.