The leaders of politics starting five

Barack Obama – President of the United States – Point Guard

Height: 6-foot-1

The easiest roster move is putting United States President Barack Obama at point. Barry-O can ball: he constantly played pick-up games with his staff on the campaign trail and has coached his daughter Sasha’s team. He has a high basketball intelligence and will be a great leader on the floor.

Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck – King of Bhutan – Shooting Guard

Height: unknown

I’ll take Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck—the King of Bhutan—at shooting guard. The fourth King of Bhutan used to play soccer, but no one would touch the future leader of their country, so he switched to basketball—a good move for the king. Wangchuck played varsity basketball at Wheaton College in Massachusetts and a U.S. political officer described him as “a natural two-guard.”

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada – Small Forward

Height: 6-foot-2

At small forward, I’ll take newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau is the son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau—considered by some to be as charismatic as U.S. President John F. Kennedy. This means that Trudeau grew up in the spotlight. You want him to have the ball with 10 seconds left, down by two points.

Henri – Grand Duke of Luxembourg – Power Forward

Height: 5-foot-10

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is my choice for power forward. Henri went through the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England—that alone takes athleticism. Now, he’s a member of the International Olympic Committee and he has been very healthy since undergoing an angioplasty in 2011.

David Cameron – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – Center

Height: 6-foot-1

Unfortunately, there is a significant lack of height among world leaders. That’s why I’m putting six-foot-one United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron at center. Not only is he one of the tallest world leaders, but he’s also an athlete. He’s been seen jogging around London when he’s not taxing Americans without representation—or whatever the Prime Minister of the U.K. does now.

Barack Obama – President of the United States

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 180 pounds

Obama played high school basketball in his native state, Hawaii. His above average height—as well as leadership skills in and out of the White House—would lead me to believe that he can lead this team to “change” and maybe a championship.

Kim Jong-un – Supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Height: 5-foot-8

Weight: 242 pounds

At only 5-foot-8, Kim is one of the smaller members of the squad, putting him at the point guard spot. As highlighted in the popular movie The Interview, Kim has a full court in his house, which means he has plenty of time to practice his long-range attack … from behind the 3-point arc.

Dave Bing – Former mayor of Detroit

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 185 pounds

A standout star for the Syracuse Orange and the Detroit Pistons—as well as a National Basketball Association Hall of Famer—Bing would be the go-to player on this team. His ability to drive past any defender will be key for the success to this team. After all, he picked up that driving ability from spending years in the Motor City.

Arne Duncan – U.S. Secretary of Education

Height: 6-foot-5

Weight: 215 pounds

As the center on this rather small team, the former Harvard star will dominate the low post with an array of moves and finishes. As a player in the 2012-2014 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Duncan is no stranger to the spotlight—he was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2014 contest with 20 points, 11 rebounds and six assists.

Kevin Johnson – Mayor of Sacramento, California

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 180 pounds

Johnson is one of the most skilled players this team has to offer—known for his highflying dunks and unparalleled passing ability. A three time NBA all-star and one of three players in NBA history—in addition to Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas—to have three consecutive seasons averaging 20 points and 10 assists, Johnson will provide a much needed spark to this team.