Invasion of Privacy: Managing editor uses writing to express passions

Junior communication major and English minor Megan Tomaszewski is not only a venturesome, life-loving addition to the Geneseo student body, she’s also an asset to the communication department and various campus publications.

Dedicated to her position on The Lamron, Tomaszewski has edited over 1,000 of the newspaper’s published articles in the past three years. Currently working as the managing editor, she has been a talent on the paper since the spring semester of her freshman year. She started her Lamron career by writing for the Arts & Entertainment section and also dabbled in Opinion. That same semester, Tomaszewski embraced her editing skills and was elected as the copy assistant for the Opinion section and then copy editor—a role she happily served throughout her sophomore year before being elected to her current position.

“I love to make other people’s writing better and give feedback,” Tomaszewski said. “Strengthening people’s work and seeing a polished product is one of the best feelings to me.”

Unwilling to limit herself to her responsibility on the Lamron, Tomaszewski is currently interning for College Communications where she writes news releases that are published on the Geneseo website. She also works on Geneseo’s alumni magazine Geneseo Scene. She values the diverse proficiency she has acquired through her array of involvement. “I get awesome experience and get to take different angles on my writing and editing,” she said. “Basically, all I do is write. I love it.”

Tomaszewski sustains a broad horizon and allows her writing to exist purely artistically outside of her collegiate commitments. Her relatively new Marvel fan fiction blog has already accumulated over 800 followers—and the number keeps growing.

“I’ve always liked reading fan fic. It’s a really fun community to be a part of,” Tomaszewski said. “It’s creative and up to me what I do and less constrained than my other work. It’s a different kind of writing.”

Despite her dexterity in the field, Tomaszewski’s interests span far beyond writing and editing. She played soccer from age 12 up until this semester—only discontinuing her participation on the women’s club soccer team to make time for her numerous other activities. Nevertheless, she remains an enthusiast for the sport and loves watching the United States’ national teams play.

Another one of Tomaszewski’s passions is travel. This past summer, she spent a month in the Czech Republic while taking HUMN II. Upon returning home, she went to the west coast of the United States and became infatuated with San Francisco. “I fell in love. I just felt so at home,” she said. “The weather’s beautiful and I love being by the ocean.”

Tomaszewski’s recent travel experiences added to her boundless appreciation for other places and cultures and inspired her to consider different future paths. Born and raised in Buffalo, she treasures her hometown, but knows that her calling is to extend her presence elsewhere.

“I feel like home isn’t a permanent place; it’s feelings—just finding places that are different and mean something to you and exploring,” Tomaszewski said. “There’s a lot more to life than just staying in one place. The world is so big.”

While Tomaszewski is not entirely certain of the details of her post-graduation endeavors, she knows her appetite for travel will persist and is open to considering intertwining it with her career direction.

“Being able to use my skills in different ways to help other people would be really fulfilling,” Tomaszewski said. “[In the future], I want to be able to hop around and not stay in one place.” She is a determined student and worker. Furthermore, she is fervent in her appetite for exploration—she is confident that the sundry foundation she has developed for herself promises positive prospects.

The dynamism and steadfastness she exhibits in both her intellectual accountabilities and subsidiary undertakings foretell limitless possibilities for Tomaszewski. Still, she remains unassuming and just wishes to make the most of her experiences.

“I’m just going where life takes me,” she said.