Despite rain, outdoor yoga class proves uplifting for participants

Now that September is over, National Yoga Month has come to a close. To celebrate the end of this month-long focus, multiple campus groups invested in the promotion of health and mindfulness by collaborating to bring an outdoor yoga class to Geneseo’s College Green.

Lauderdale Center for Student Health & Counseling, Geneseo Health Guards, the Workout Center and Yoga Club all joined forces to envision and execute the event, which took place on Monday Sept. 28.

With 15 people participating in the session, certified yoga instructor senior Alexandra Peraino led the outdoor yoga class in a very relaxed manner; but her passion for yoga was clear. With each pose and meditation, she provided appropriate encouragement.

“We wanted to have a big event where anyone was welcome to celebrate yoga, so we thought that we would have a big class and we thought—‘Why not outdoors?’” Peraino said.

Peraino majors in anthropology and minors in French, but she explained that she is extremely interested in the health field. Adamant about promoting healthfulness and positivity, Peraino regularly teaches yoga classes through the Workout Center, is a part of Geneseo’s Yoga Club and is a health guard at Lauderdale.

While turnout was great, it rained a couple hours before the class—perhaps discouraging other possible attendees. “I don’t think we got as big of a turnout as we otherwise would have,” Peraino said.

Nevertheless, the class seemed to be a hit. Multiple participants went up to Peraino and Lauderdale Coordinator of Health Promotion Dana Minton to thank them for the refreshing experience. It was impossible not to notice some jealous and inquisitive looks from people walking by throughout the event as well—perhaps wishing they had taken part.

National Yoga Month has been observed since its designation by the United States Department of Health and Human Services in 2008. The practice of yoga provides not only a stretching and toning exercise, but mental benefits as well. Meditative routines that draw on and build mindfulness of one’s spirit are incorporated into yoga.

While the objective of the outdoor lesson was simply to welcome the community in appreciation of yoga while simultaneously enjoying the fresh air, the organizations involved hope to draw attention to the advantages of the routine.

Peraino commented that the class was successful in attracting additional members. “A lot of people that usually come to my classes came and then also some people who were just walking by took the opportunity to join,” she said.