Seminar reinvents sexual education, stresses fun and health

Anyone who attended the “I Love Female Orgasm” seminar on Friday Sept. 11 now definitely knows the importance of socks in the bedroom. This comical yet informational presentation was all about having fun, being respectful, addressing misconceptions, staying safe and healthy and getting informed. Sex Discussed Here! program co-founders and co-authors of I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller have been bringing the Female Orgasm seminars to Geneseo for eight years now. They stressed that by bringing this seminar to campus, they are promoting sex education for all individuals. Solot and Miller emphasized that this conversation should not be heteronormative or cis-gender exclusive. “It doesn’t matter what kind of vegetable you’ve got between your legs,” Solot said.

The presentation went further than an average health class normally would. Solot and Miller encouraged students to question why they are shown diagrams of fallopian tubes, for example, but never shown any diagrams of the female anatomy such as the clitoris. It also incorporated aspects of sex that are not typically taught. The focus was on how to have fun with the new information—all while staying safe.

Clips from beloved pop-culture movies like When Harry Met Sally and various sneaky jokes that were hidden throughout the material helped to keep this potentially uncomfortable topic light and humorous. The seminar was filled to the maximum capacity, packed with a very diverse group. Regardless of sexuality or gender, Solot and Miller created an environment in which all were welcome to explore their curiosities.

“Each orgasm is unique, like a snowflake,” Solot and Miller said. “So don’t compare yours to others.” People have different sexual preferences and everyone is structurally differently, so comparing one’s sexual favorites or anatomy to others may actually be more limiting than beneficial.

“I Love Female Orgasm” also emphasized that it’s OK to ask one’s partner if they want to mix it up in the bedroom. Who knows, maybe you or your partner will find something new that you like. Explore, enjoy the moment, clear the mind and have a good time.

In addition, preparation is also key to a peak sexual experience. Foreplay is important, especially if it takes one a bit longer to climax—which is usually the case for women. Furthermore, one shouldn’t neglect their partner’s needs and communication is very important.

Sex—particularly sexual pleasure—is considered a taboo topic in modern-day American society, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to educate young people on the topic. In fact, it is one of the most important and relevant issues in people’s lives—especially for college students. “During your time in college, it’s really important to take advantage of the resources that are available to you,” Miller said.

“I Love Female Orgasm” definitely provided a great source of both education and humor for all students who attended.