Willis hired as college registrar

Kimberley Willis was appointed as Geneseo’s new college registrar as of March 26. Prior to accepting the position at Geneseo, Willis worked at Monroe Community College for almost 16 years, with just under five of those years as the college’s registrar. “I have never worked at a four-year college, so I’m excited for the experience,” she said.

Willis said her short-term goal at Geneseo is to “be a successful registrar,” something she describes as being helpful to both students and faculty.

“I’m not only here to serve our students, but I’m also here to be a conduit service person to our faculty to make sure that, between the student and faculty, there’s not a whole lot of red tape or long processes,” she said. “The faculty can do what they have to do and students can be successful and not have to worry about their registration process here at the campus. I just want to make sure that it’s a great experience for our students and our teaching faculty.”

Willis explained that one of her main goals is to improve the webpage. One way she plans on doing this is through feedback from the college community.

“I’m hoping to get feedback from students on what they find most important,” Willis said. “We can pretty much guide that or recognize that based on what they’re asking every day. And if they’re asking us the same question every day, all day, then that’s something we should have first and foremost on our website.”

Willis explained that she is excited for this position, but she wasn’t initially planning on leaving MCC. After being encouraged to apply for the position numerous times, she began taking the opportunity seriously and started looking at Geneseo.

“Once I started doing the research, I was pleasantly surprised at how nationally regarded the college is,” she said. “I thought, ‘You know what, if it’s meant to be it’ll be.’ I came in and interviewed and, a week later, I was offered the job.”

Having been here for a month, Willis emphasized that her number one priority is the students, whom she plans on getting to know well.

“I’m excited about learning Geneseo’s culture,” she said. “I’m excited to learn about our students, to meet our students and to become a recognizable face to them.”

Willis added that she is also excited because she considers the registrar position to be one of the most important on campus.

“It’s a key position because without the registrar’s office, there’s no registration. Without registration, there are no students,” she said. “Without students, there’s no Geneseo.”