Summer residents see Geneseo from fresh perspective

For most students, Geneseo only exists in the months of September–May. For the select few that choose to stay for the summer—whether it’s for a job, internship, research position or as an orientation advisor—summertime in Geneseo is an experience in itself.

The warm weather completely transforms the town of Geneseo. As regular students, we only experience greenery for the first and last three weeks of the school year. It opens up a wealth of activities for those who choose to stay such as hiking, biking or even spending extra time outdoors around campus.

“A big thing is being able to explore Geneseo and the places around it,” student orientation coordinator and three-time summer resident senior Alexis Annitto said.

Without extensive classes and homework weighing down your calendar, a summer at Geneseo could be the first chance students get to truly immerse themselves in Geneseo culture. “There’s so much that Geneseo and its surroundings have to offer in the summer,” Annitto said.

Annito cited several lesser-known local parks that she got to experience over the summer, including Fallbrook Falls and Stony Brook State Park.

Touch of Grayce owner Grayce McLaughlin recommended kayaking in local parks, noting that many seasonal campers come through Geneseo for the outdoor opportunities.

“Geneseo is a nice, relaxed community in the summer,” she said. The quieter atmosphere definitely impacts the vibe of the town. Junior Kristen Druse—who lived in Geneseo during the summer of 2014—agreed. “Main Street was definitely a little quieter but also had less of a college-town and more of a small-town feel,” she said.

Some students might think that Geneseo becomes a completely different town in the summer, but McLaughlin noted that the town does not transform as much as seasonal students would think. Stores remain open and clientele continue to shop along Main Street—just less students and more adults.

“I like when things quiet down and there’s a little less traffic in the summer, but we look forward to students coming back,” McLaughlin said. 

Life on campus in the summer also feels different than the school year because while a few hundred students stay for the summer, it’s a far cry from the 5,000+ students that are walking around campus during the year.

“It was really fun to explore,” Druse said. “The whole campus felt like it belonged to me and my few friends who stayed.”

If it’s your first time here for the summer, the most important tip for a great time is to be unafraid to explore the surrounding area and participate in town events.

“Just go out and explore and don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people,” Annitto said.

“It's a great opportunity to make friends,” Druse added.

Some Geneseo summer highlights are the Geneseo Rotary Summer Festival in the second weekend of July and Friday night outdoor concerts throughout the summer. In addition, the Farmer’s Market opens again in toward the end of June. “The Farmer’s Market has been a great addition with a lot of intermingling on Thursdays,” McLaughlin said.

“I think that everyone should stay for at least one summer during their college career,” Druse said.