Books & Bytes deemed too small to host Tim Hortons

Squelching rumors that Books and Bytes is becoming a Tim Hortons, Campus Auxiliary Services Executive Director Mark Scott reported that the library’s cafe will not be changing into the chain restaurant. Instead, CAS plans to find an alternate location on campus.

The original plan to incorporate a Tim Hortons into the library began to falter after those conducting the project discovered the limited space available to create such a cafe. Scott also added that in order to counter the costs for constructing a new coffee shop, the establishment would need to make $2 million in top line revenue. He explained that he does not believe that could be possible in such a tight space.

Instead, CAS is looking for a different space on the upper end of campus to construct a Tim Hortons, where it would be most accessible to all people. “I strongly believe that if we bring a Tim Hortons to campus, people who do not have a meal plan—such as faculty or visitors—would be willing to spend cash or credit,” Scott said.

Locations that may provide adequate space for a sizable Tim Hortons are areas such as Bailey Hall and Fraser Library––although nothing is definite.

Scott noted that he also discussed the possibility of a Tim Hortons food truck with coordinators from the company. Although they are not currently available, he says it would be a venture Geneseo would immediately pursue.

“Both a food truck and coffee shop could coexist on campus, and we would have both as an option,” he said.

“It would be nice to have another coffee shop on campus,” freshman Rachel Federman said. “Plus, Tim Hortons has really great sandwiches and baked goods.”

As for this project’s implementation, Scott explained that he’s developing a strategic three-year plan that encompasses all campus services and future plans. There are currently no set dates for construction.

In addition to a Tim Hortons, CAS is also planning to revamp their offerings in the Mary Jemison dining hall. “I think the campus should expect us to be doing something different in MJ when they come back in the fall,” Scott said.

CAS is also looking into adding “Taste New York,” vending machines into buildings like Doty and Erwin Hall, which will be filled entirely with projects produced locally and throughout New York State.

Students should anticipate a variety of changes to be seen across campus dining over the next few years.