MTC revamps classic numbers for revue

The curtain opens on Musical Theatre Club’s spring revue on Saturday April 18 at 8 p.m.–Sunday April 19 at 3 p.m. in Wadsworth Auditorium. Titled “Road Trip,” the show is chock-full of thrilling dance numbers, solid vocals and hysterical comedy bits.

According to president senior Valerie Marchesi, the idea for the “Road Trip” theme came as a result of a club vote at the end of last semester. Marchesi explained that at the end of each semester, MTC members sit down and throw around ideas for themes for the following semester.

MTC is an entirely student-run organization and each musical number in “Road Trip” has its own student director. When a director decides on their song, they are then “in charge of choreographing it, teaching the music [and] doing any lyric changes,” Marchesi said.

“Road Trip” vibrantly opens to “The Wiz”’s “Ease on Down the Road.” This song is energetic and sets the tone for an exciting and animated show.

This revue is a great representation of MTC’s fun-loving, satirical comedy. In a song about forming an “all-mom band,” the girls of MTC portrayed engaging, humorous characters. The comedic side of the MTC boys shined in their rendition of “Cats”’ “Rum Tug Tugger.” Watching all of the boys dress up as cats and prowl around the stage is sure to prompt laughter.

Act one ends on a strong note withShall We Dance”’s “Slap that Bass.” This number involves impressive choreography accompanied by a rope and is bound to leave the audience wanting to see more.

A notable performance in act two is Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” In this performance—directed by Marchesi—the lights leave the stage and the performers turn on their flashlights and dance a mesmerizing number. Marchesi referred to this piece as “a little ambitious”—and it is.

The revue ends with “Hairspray”’s “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” a number that’s certain to get audiences dancing in their seats. With its upbeat tempo and synchronized dancing, it’s a perfect end to a high-energy show.

According to secretary senior Christina Heim, the songs for “Road Trip” are all from “obscure musicals.” Haim added, “It’s all musical theatre. It’s from a musical or a motion picture with music.” Though some songs were obscure, the lyric changes related to MTC and the “Road Trip” theme made it easier to follow.

MTC is quite a time commitment, which is to be expected when a myriad of numbers are being put together to form a cohesive revue. “Each of these numbers had four hours of rehearsal,” vice president junior John Hines said. For numbers that have only had four hours of practice over the course of the semester, they come together impressively.

MTC has successfully put together a captivating show worth seeing. Not everyone will recognize every song, but with all of the dancing, singing and humor, the revue is enjoyable nonetheless.