Greek Week unites fraternal campus community

Greek life has recently come under criticism for some of its members’ irresponsible actions, leading to a general mistrust and wariness toward Greek organizations across the country. Geneseo’s annual Greek Week—a week of various activities meant to unite the Greek community and foster positive relationships among its members—helps to deter this negative reputation and illustrate the positive impact Greek life has on the Geneseo community.

With events ranging from Monday April 13’s Greek Trivia Night to Sigma Nu Chi’s Geneseo Diabetics Association Talent Show on Friday April 17, Greek Week promotes relaxing and engaging activities that allow members of the Greek community to interact with each other. This helps not only to improve relationships among fraternities and sororities, but also to bolster the overall reputation of the Greek community at Geneseo.

Inter-Greek Council campus involvement chair junior Gretchen Goble expressed her hopes that both Greek and non-Greek students will take advantage of Greek Week’s recreational and charitable events. “We’re going to be tabling in the [MacVittie] College Union and accepting donations throughout the week for an organization called Chances and Changes and everyone can participate in Thursday’s Block Party on Wadsworth Street,” she said.

An organization that provides confidential assistance to victims of domestic violence in addition to a 24-hour hotline, individual counseling and peer support groups, Chances and Changes is just one of the organizations sponsored during Greek Week. In addition to the aforementioned Sigma Nu Chi fundraiser for Diabetes research, volunteers will be also be promoting Women’s Action Coalition’s Sexual Assault Awareness Week throughout Greek Week.

For those who wish to help plan Greek Week events in the future, there are numerous ways to make your voice heard. “If someone is very passionate, they can always run for campus involvement chair next fall or just go to the weekly IGC meetings that are held in the College Union,” Goble said. “This year, I tried to write and plan out all of the different events, so whoever has my job next year can continue to make Greek Week better and better.”

For those who may not desire to run for campus involvement chair but still have suggestions, Goble emphasized that she is always willing to listen. “Anyone can come to me with ideas regarding Greek Week and I can then make changes or relay the idea to whoever can,” she said.

The constitution of the Inter-Greek Council states that its vision is, in part, to “celebrate life-long fraternal and sororal bonds while continuing to grow through academics, campus involvement, community service, leadership and social engagements,” goals that Goble noted are the primary aims of Greek Week. “Overall, I hope that Greek Week brings the Greek community closer together and further connects it with the community here in Geneseo,” she said.

With these aspirations, Greek Week will help prove that Geneseo’s Greek life can exist harmoniously with all other aspects of campus and the community; all while benefitting Greeks, non-Greeks and several deserving charities.