A guide to spring cleaning

This year’s spring seems to have sprung a bit late in Geneseo, but as these past few days have gone by, we know it is now time for some spring-cleaning. By now, our rooms are littered with textbooks and papers from the fall semester, arranged into stacks and piles waiting to be organized as we awaken from quasi-hibernations.

Take some time out of your day to clean in preparation for finals week. A clean and clear room can create a clear state of mind, helping you feel more relaxed in the upcoming weeks leading to the end of the semester.

To start, open up your windows to get some fresh air circulating through your rooms and clearing away those dust bunnies you have now made pet names for. It is rumored that in North American history, people would open their windows in March to dust their homes after being shut in all winter, starting the tradition of spring-cleaning. While opening your windows can help with this, it will also provide you with fresh air while at home, which is always needed for calmness during the busy end of the semester.

The next point on the list is to try and get rid of items you do not need. In this case, take the initiative and donate your class textbooks to the Goodwill or sell them at Sundance Bookstore. Pack up winter clothes in boxes or at the back of your closets and bring out those florals and pastels. Clearing your living space will be much easier once everything you don’t use is out of the way. Try to keep a donation box near you while you are cleaning and, when you choose to get rid of something, don’t look back.

Having a fresh room this season feels great once it’s done, but finding motivation to start can be difficult. One of the easiest ways to start cleaning is to put on some music. Get into your groove and begin with the bottom of your bed. Cleaning under your bed can help make the room seem much cleaner instantly. After that is done, dust all of your shelves, clean your desk and sort your closet. While you are cleaning, make sure to throw dirty clothes and sheets in the wash. After you have done that, the hard part is over. All you have to do now is sweep and mop your floors for an all-around vibrant finish.

You should feel invigorated after you step back and see sunlight shining through your room. Make sure you take advantage of this new, fresh atmosphere and use it to study for finals with an uncluttered space and mind.