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With the city of Rochester as our only connection to the outside world, it’s easy to feel like Geneseo exists in its own bubble sometimes. Now, thanks to a new online program adopted by the Office of Career Development and Study Abroad Office, Geneseo students can have the world at their fingertips.

GoinGlobal is an online database where students can search for jobs and internships around the world. It redirects students to job search websites, internship offers and newspaper advertisements.

This might sound basic, even boring, but what makes GoinGlobal unique is that these job listings are organized by city or country. All a student has to do is click on the location they hope to work in and dozens of links appear on the screen.

After clicking on a city or country, links will appear describing not only job opportunities, but also volunteering options, industry trends, cultural interview trips, social networks, information about cost of living and the top companies in that location.

“A lot of students will say, ‘It’s a hassle, I don’t understand, I just can’t find it,’ and it’s all right here for you,” Career Counselor Heather DiFino said.

The idea for the program arose after numerous students referenced the desire to return to the countries they had studied abroad in. It is also helpful for second-semester seniors considering a gap year.

“We came across this as a software that other colleges were using and we decided to investigate a little bit more, and found that it would be relevant to our college too,” DiFino said. “It really opens up a brand new door for us to help students find work.”

According to Study Abroad Office Assistant Director Sam Cardamone, this resource is also a more budget-friendly option for those hoping to spend time in another country before graduation. Despite constant additions of programs and payment options, studying abroad is unfortunately still not feasible for every Geneseo student.

“Not every student has the means to study abroad during their time on campus, therefore, being able to graduate and find a job internationally is just as good of an opportunity,” Cardamone said. “They can still use this resource to find post graduate opportunities to work, make money and then have an international experience … so in that way, I think it serves all of our students.”

The program is also extremely beneficial to international students looking for information about working in other countries. It lists the companies in every major city in the United States that sponsors international work visas. That being said, the true strength of this program is in its ability to consolidate information that would have otherwise been arduous to gather.

This technology was introduced less than a month ago and Cardamone is focused on raising its awareness and usefulness to students. Students who have studied abroad and study abroad mentors have been contacted and are currently testing the program.

“We’ve been trying to get the word out to students who we know want to work abroad,” Cardamone said. “We are in the phase of wanting more people to know about it.”

The option of working abroad will certainly open doors for a number of students, and simplify the process for those already interested. “I think everyone can benefit from traveling,” Cardamone said.