Roaring success defines Lyons’ career

Senior forward Gordon Lyons was named to the 2014-15 Capital One First-Team Academic All-NY District Division III team on Thursday Feb. 5, demonstrating his tremendous abilities both on and off the court. Aside from maintaining a 3.77 grade point average, Lyons is also scoring 20.8 points per game and grabbing a nation-leading 13.4 rebounds per game. It seems that Lyons continues to improve every year.

“[Lyons] has reached every bar that is set for him as a player over the course of four years,” head coach Steve Minton said.

Lyons explained that he started playing basketball with his father as a 4-year-old. He stuck with it over the years, playing both in high school and then at Geneseo. “Probably my top moment as a player was winning the championship my senior year in high school,” Lyons said. “It was special to win with the same guys I’ve been playing with for all four years.”

After reaching the peak of his high school basketball career, he found his way to Geneseo where he said that he also learned and developed as a player.

“I think I’ve progressed a lot since freshman year,” Lyons said. “When I came in, I was 17 years old playing against guys that were seniors that may have been 21 or 22.”

Despite the age disparity in the conference, Lyons has clearly been able to play against said players, averaging or close to averaging a double-double ever since his sophomore year.

“Every year, I got a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger.” Lyons said. “Now, sometimes I feel like it’s a disappointment if I don’t get a double-double––I kind of expect it now. But I’m okay if I don’t get one as long as I can help the team win.”

Lyons was quick to cite Minton as a great motivator, consistently helping him to get better every season.

“Coach pushes me,” Lyons said. “He always tells me that I can do better, even after a good game, which will motivate me to work even harder.”

Minton noted that Lyons is an exemplary player that can thrive even when being targeted by opposing teams.

“Gordon [Lyons] is the type of player where he’s going to get five or six assists; he’s going to find the right guy,” Minton said. “[He’s] an All-American type of player. He doesn’t have to score, he’ll do those other things. That’s what makes him so special.”

Lyons has firmly cemented himself into the Knights’ record books, with his current 1,452 points landing him fourth place on the Geneseo career scoring list. Lyons is also inching toward a spot as the top rebounder in team history, with his current 923 rebounds landing him in all-time second place. Lyons will continue to assault the record books as Geneseo takes on SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Oneonta on Friday Feb. 13 and Saturday Feb. 14.